Free Homeschooling

Free homeschooling web sites: - Multi Subject and Grade Website with Worksheet Packs that can be bought monthly or annually or even a lifetime membership. (love it )

Math games to drill facts
Math math by grade level, you can pay to be a member but you can also just do the work there without the membership.
Math Math Activities for all ages
Math  Multiplication facts that pictures and stories that teach the multiplication facts as well as games to help. This is one of the reasons I started saving these pages. This is really great learning!
Math Multiplication practice matching (****)
Math  Math video and more
Math Triangles for K-12 (****)
Math Addition practice and games for beginners (****)

Math   Math Worksheets by subject

Math Homeschool Math worksheets, and videos of teaching
Math worksheets and posters, flashcards ( good for housholds with students in many levels) Great!

Math- Connect the dots skip counting Loved It!
Math- Free Math Worksheets and Charts
Math - Percentage Calculator
Math-Free Worksheets Math and Others
Math- Pre Algebra Lessons

Geometry Lessons-Euclid story 

Geometry Worksheets- kuta
Geometry Worksheets-- mathaids
Geometry- Interactives
Measuring Inches

Rulers and Protractors

Math,Science  Mr. R's World of Math and Science-Math Science and Geometry learning with music Science
Dinosaurs  Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth  a study on dinosaurs
Science Doctor Games- anatomy, some games are good and some are not so make sure there is parental supervision!
Electronics Electronics for kids-experiments
Science Science for kidsinteractive
Science Children's Audubon society about birds with games
Science Native Americans in Science
Science- The solar system video

Reading Comprehension- Reading comprehension by grade- at EXCELLENT

Reading Comprehension ESL worksheets
Reading    great reading program!
Reading This is a great site with homemade curriculum also some biblical ideas included. (Parents)
Reading  Fun interactive poems-K-12
Reading  The Gutenburg Project- free online books without copy right. A very valuable resource!
Reading  Story Elements-interactive
Writing Story Promts
Reading The Reading Machine #1 for toddlers
              The reading machine web site
Reading  List of grade level books to  buy or borrow from the library- very good to help you guide your children's reading and learning at home.
Reading   My Audio School- Books
Phonics  Phonics
Reading  We Give Books - free online books- you need to register
Reading  Books Should Be Free- free online or audio books
Reading  Thanksgiving Turkey Story Video
Crafts 36. Turkey Crafts
Reading  Baby Gingerbread
Reading and History  Free Books Online- Just free Books (some of the sites you need to look for the word read online and click on that)
Reading Itsy Bitsy Books for the alphabet
              Themed Itsy Bitsy Books 
Reading Mini Books to make and read.
Reading Sight and Sound Reading Program - a free video learn to read class with teacher  excellent!
Reading Comprehension work sheets to print out and staple into a workbook form

History  Kids History from the BBC (British) interactive games and reading about history
History  Dates to Remember-memorize these dates and memory helps.
History National Resources - Good for research or fun information about all kinds or things like the C.I.A or the National Museums to the F.A.A.

History  Films!
History  Paul Revere's Ride- poem by Wadsworth
History  Henty Books-historical fiction -audio books
History/Government Bill of Rights Interactives
Government (Social studies)  Painless lessons on government

Sign Langage  ASL -videos of signs and much more!
Spelling Grade Spelling 1-8 (great site!)
Spelling 9th Grade Spelling List
Spelling 100 words every High School Student Should Know
*Spelling/Vocabulary the free programs for spelling, vocabulary and math (you do register)
Typing this is very good and it even makes you laugh:)
Spelling and Vocabulary spelling city is really good for teaching spelling and vocabulary words
Vocabulary  The Phonetic Alphabet- Alpha, Bravo etc.
Spelling Biblical Spelling - worksheets
Spelling Kids Spell - first pick an age appropriate spelling list then choose a game.
Spelling Puzzle Maker- make a puzzle with your spelling word list.
Spanish Language  Learn Spanish for Traveling

Copy Work

Handwriting- Cursive Letters Capitol and Lower Case Handwriting  Handwriting worksheets- print or cursive. We put our spelling word lists on the worksheets
Handwriting- bible verse copywork KJV in cursive (smaller font)
HandwritingProverbs 31 bible verses in KJV cursive.
Handwriting--- Larger Font Cursive bible verse KJV Thankful verses
Handwriting- Prayer KJV Cursive bible verses.
Handwriting- Love KJV Cursive bible verse. KJV Cursive bible verse.---

Grammar this is a set of grammar text books with work sheets in it.  Just click on the appropriate grade to begin.
Grammar  Diagramming Sentences a curriculum online or you can purchase it also.
Grammar  Wacky tales- where you put certain parts of speech in to form a wacky tale.
Grammar Grammar Posters-(parents use)
Grammar  Grammar Goofs-for people writing on the web or even writing at all. Really great graphics!
English Grammar- Book reports worksheets for grade levels.

Music  Music with language and Math and Science
Music Printable Staff Paper I like to make hymns in a more simplistic form for my students.
Music Piano Music books and sheet music
Music Teaching Piano to a group or homeschool family printables
Music Printable Easy or Harder Piano Music

Bible   Audio Bible-Alexander Scorby
Bible   Audio bible - by book of the Bible

Art  Drawing Faces 
Art Leonardo Devinci - masks and book on LD art
Art Mess free virtual paint
Art Deep Space Sparkle- art by grade level
Art Jan Barret- coloring pages
Art- 70 art prompts
Art- Adult Coloring Pages-My children love these and I think they are better for their art skills.
Art-Famous Paintings  Made Into Adult Coloring Pages 
ArtAdult Coloring Pages Black History (February)
ArtColoring Pages Historical Coloring Pages
Art- Black and White Paper Dolls  this is just a search not my picks some I would never use. We are super conservative. 


HomeschoolShare-lapbooks with grade levels and unit studies free to print out!
The Homeschool Mom-lapbooking and homeschooling
Lapbook resources- Pinterest board

 Fun Worksheets  Free Printable Worksheets and coloring- learning worksheets that are fun for kids-math and other
Letter Worksheets  Alphabet Coloring Pages
Paper Crafts-toys and all kinds of paper crafts you can print out.

All  Homeschool for freethe Reading Machine #2 for toddlers and young readers you can turn off the sound when they are ready.
ALL grades k-5
ALL http://www.sascurriculumpathways.comNumbers Number Train 
Alphabet  Aphabet Train
Language Thank You in many languages
Goal Charts- To help your children be goal oriented!

Free Christian Homeschooling Curriculum on line. Well thought out and ready to use independently if you have a computer.

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