Thursday, April 12, 2018

Crowley, Texas

Saturday morning we traveled up to Crowley Texas to be in Two special meetings at Fort Victory Baptist Church with Bro. Keisling and his church family.

The first meeting was a Building dedication and Hebrew scroll viewing. They have a recently finished beautiful building which we enjoyed singing several songs in and listening to testimonies as well as preaching.  We heard first from Bro. Payne then from the president of the Norris Bible Baptist Institute on the second day of the Bible conference. The scrolls were really interesting we got to see a whole old testament collection.

It was great to hear about the Pastor and work that was going on there and getting to meet some of the kind people and also meeting the associate Pastor, Bro. James who took the time to talk with us and teach us some great ways to minister effectively. His wife was also a special blessing to my husband and I by preparing special food for us that was sugar free. It was a real pleasure fellow-shipping with them and feeling God's presence in this place.

alter call

several area preachers attended

the Pastor

a half shekel 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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