Tuesday, February 13, 2018

San Antonio Trip

Sunday was a great day in the Lord's house! We returned to Texas Baptist church with Pastor Keith Bell and his church. We sang and had Zeke sing one of the songs that he wrote then Bro. Harrod taught the people during Sunday School. That day was "crazy hat day" at the church and it was a lot of fun for the participants and the onlookers alike. A lot of talent in the silly hat department for sure.

Pastor Keith preached on having the peace that passes all understanding. During the invitation the pastor reached over and borrowed Bro. Harrod's bible to lead a man to the Lord! What a blessing to have had a small part in someone getting saved that morning.


We were fed a great pasta after church by one of their sweet ladies in the church and everybody got their fill. It was great getting to know our hostess and some of her family. Later we retired for a Sunday afternoon nap in the prophets chambers. It was nice to be able to relax a little bit in a real bed.

we met a pretty large soldier and posed with him. lol

Later on we returned back to Bro. Ortiz's church where we were last Sunday night and we sang a few songs again for them. We got to hear testimonies and songs and even the youth department got up and sang a beautiful number with instruments. We were then privileged to hear a great man of God and former missionary to Kansas preach what the Lord had put on his heart about our dearest friend, Jesus. He preached in Spanish and every once in a while added an English sentence for our children's benefit. It was a great Valentines message and a lady was convicted of her need for salvation that night and came forward. It was good to be positioned right up front and get to see God working in her heart.
the kids were supersized to receive gifts from the church.

God is working in our ministry and we are seeing his hand. Please continue to pray for us as we go.


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