Monday, July 30, 2018

5th Sunday Singin's

Sunday morning we headed off to Community Baptist Church for Bro. Harrod to preach and the family to sing at their 5th Sunday singing. The people were very friendly and the Spirit of God was at work encouraging his people to fight the good fight!

After the morning service we enjoyed a great picnic themed lunch complete with tiny plastic ants. The kids and I really loved the theme and had to touch the ants. I had a great time hearing from an old friend that came to visit at the singing from another church. I was also surprised to see my Mom's cousin had come over from a church down the street after it was over and I got to see her and hug her neck.

After we ate, we went back into the sanctuary to hear some groups and solos from the church members and visitors alike. Then we finished out the service and sang for the church. That afternoon it got pretty hot and I think we all got overheated. We are working on our van a.c. so that it will cool better but haven't finished everything up so please keep that in your prayers.

Last week we met a family from another church in Temple and they invited us to drop in to their 5th Sunday singing as well so we finished out the day over there and enjoyed getting to know this family and meeting some of their friends.

Both churches were kind and welcoming God had us to go to each of them I am sure. Your always a little leery if your message will be heard in song or if the church will open their hearts to God's leading, but God went with us and gave us strength to finish out the day after being so hot.


We have 2 very important unspoken prayer requests.

Please pray that God will lead us in the direction we should go and grow our ministry the way He wants to.

Pray for our air conditioner issues.

Pray for the kids as they try to start up school again. We are missing some school books pray that we get them in for this next school year. We use ACE Curriculum.

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