Friday, June 29, 2018

Central Baptist San Saba Texas

Bro. Welton Watson

We arrived in San Saba Texas on Saturday evening unloaded  our belongings and enjoyed our rest before the Lord's Day and the first day of Central Baptist Church's Home Coming Revival. Every year now for 3 years Bro. George Watson and Allen Barrio come home to preach at Bro. Welton (Red)Watson's church in San Saba where they got their roots.

Bro. Allen Barrio

Bro. George Watson

Sunday Morning during the Sunday School hour Revival truly was started when the people poured out their hearts in a time of testimony. We found out that almost every family in the church had been touched by heartache or cancer. Also during that service we heard about a family that we see often who had lost their one year old grandchild suddenly. My heart was heavy with sorrow and concern over that family who is also large like ours and over all of the people who were suffering in that church. The preaching was so good in every service we could feel God's presence and the Glory of the Lord shine on that place.

Every day the ladies fed us lunch and at night after the service they served us a grand meal. The kids and I took walks to the store which was just around the corner and we even found a thrift store to visit and sang for the ladies there. It was great to be able to do a little advertising about the Revival.

Bro. Watson set up a slip and slide for our kids and they enjoyed a refreshing cool off time in the water. Great fun!

We sang about 3 to 6 songs every night and enjoyed listening to some other great singers and musicians from the area as well as the Revival preachers and Bro. Watson. Its always a joy to hear God's people sing with all their hearts! Praise the Lord for heart felt singing to usher in the preaching of God's word. I wish everyone could have been there and experienced the joy that comes from true worship. It was such a blessing! On the last night we witnessed God saving a young lady, what joy over one soul that gets saved in heaven and on earth!!! Sweetness filled the room!

After the service our hearts were so full and we were pleased to hear several children outside on the porch singing their hearts out to the Lord. The Spirit falling fresh and new!

Glory Glory Hallelujah!
Please continue to pray for our family as the kids get ready for church camp in Star Texas and as Bro. Harrod begins to fill up our calendar that God would move and work in the children's hearts and open doors for us to do what He wants us to do!

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