Friday, April 27, 2018

Broken and Spilled Out

This past Sunday we had the privilege of being used up for Jesus!

We were scheduled to sing and preach at South Austin Baptist church and woke up bright and early for the trip over to Austin so that we would have time to set up the equipment. Bro. Gary Smith who was filling in for Bro. Chad Hart, met us and opened up the church for us. Bro. Smith was a great host as always and received us with a smile.

The congregation started coming in and each one was so very kind and filled the air with a great spirit. Please pray with the congregation as they prepare to look for a new pastor in the near future. Bro. Hart is moving on and they will need God's direction in finding the next pastor to reach their community for Christ. One of the ladies is looking forward to having a class full of Sunday School students.

the Pastor Bro. Gilmore

the translator

As we were packing up to leave another pastor who was near by came over and met us and asked us if we would be willing to sing for his service that was starting in about an hour. Pastor Gilmore is a Spanish Pastor of the church that also shares a building on the same property. What a great man of God to allow us to sing and be a blessing to his church as well. We quickly went down to get a hamburger and be back by the time his afternoon service started and made it back to sing a couple of songs for the Iglesia Bautista Monte Calvario. Which is ironic since that is very similar to the name of our home church in Temple. We enjoyed the service and he even had a young man translate the service for us into English.

Some of the younger children were a part of their children's church and were able to do a skit for the children and that was so much fun for them. My two older boys stayed with us in the service and enjoyed a lively sermon about concealing our thorn in the flesh so that we can do the work of God and be a blessing to others and not a pain in the side.

After hanging around there with he people and pastor and having a good fellowship, loading up the van with the sound equipment, and gathering up the kids from the play ground, we wanted to head on to the church that we would be in that night. Bro. Harrod wanted to see his friend Bro. Caleb Evans who goes to Scenic Hills Baptist Church in another location of Austin. We arrived about 20 or 30 minutes early and we were worn out so we took a 15 minute cat nap and then went in to the church for the evening service. It was great to see the Pastor and his family again and meet their newest member to the family. Unfortunately Bro. Caleb was not able to be in the services that night but we did see his wife and young daughter. After we left there Bro. Harrod was wanting to go see Bro. Caleb at the Lowes that he works at for a few minutes and encourage him in the Lord.

We went up to his work and they were closed so Bro. Harrod asked the lady there if it would be ok to call Bro. Caleb up to the front (he was working in the back of the building) and made sure that he wouldn't get into trouble for coming up. She said that it was perfectly ok and that he was due for a break about that time. The kids ran and got their instruments and by the time he got there they were ready to give him a personal concert in the parking lot of Lowes. We had been working on some new songs and we sang them to him and with him. It was such a blessing even though I was worn out, Bro. Caleb I know loves music and even plays several instruments.

After when we were getting ready to go we took the time to give out our prayer card tracts to the lady that he works with and some other people there as well. That lady said that she was going to take that gospel message home and read it with her husband. We definitely had a full day of serving our Lord and we pray that we were able to lift spirits and hearts to Christ.

Thank you for your prayers. Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do. The days are long but the work is just what God wanted us to do! Right now we are singing in a Mission's conference at our home church in Temple, Texas. that will go till Sunday. It got a great start on Wednesday with Bro. Parsley preaching and the church Ladies got up and sang a song for us too that was a blessing. We are singing every night and driving back and forth. going over there isn't so bad but the driving back can get tiring at late hours. Please pray for our safety as we travel and for God to bless every song that we sing and every message that is preached. That souls will surrender their lives for missionary service and that people will determine to give what God lays on their hearts to missions.
The Bradley's 

The Ladies singing a hymn special

It was also great to meet a missionary couple from the Philippines bro. and Mrs. Sapungay who are starting their second work there in the Philippines. They have some land and are raising money to build a small chapel there on the land. They are raising some money here for part of the building and then they are going to encourage the people there to finish the rest of the building with the tall bamboo trees and grasses from that region. They are a very sweet couple and we are having a good time getting to know them and the Parsley's.

The Sapungay Family 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Llano Texas

Thank you for being patient with me as I have been under the weather suffering from this bad sinus infection. I'm almost finished with the medication pray that this medication knocks out the problem and I don't have to get something else more potent.

Two weeks ago we met with Bible Baptist Church in Llano, Texas where Bro. Bryan Minter is pastoring and at this time living with his family. Some strong young men helped us in with our very heavy sound system and what a blessing they were. God was already at work in these two young men and the service had not even started. The service went great and the spirit was sweet.  Pray for the Minter family as they continue building that church there in Llano. Also pray that God would provide a more permanent solution to their housing situation.

The service went really good and we enjoyed getting to see all the friends that we have met over the years at this church. My Dad and Mom came frequently to this church and Dad filled the pulpit on many occasions to help out the former pastor. They are almost like family when I see the people there. Its a nice reunion every time.

After the morning services the Spillers took us out to lunch and we all enjoyed a great time of food and fellowship. Bro. Harrod and I enjoyed hearing about how the Spillers got back together (they were high school sweethearts) after many years of living their separate lives yet similar lives in many ways. Its neat to see how God works in people's lives for their good!

From there we went on to Maranatha Baptist Church where we were welcomed and treated like brethren in the Lord. They wanted us to sing for them and we sang a few songs and the Holy Spirit was great in that service. We had a great time visiting with two large families that attend that church after services while the kids were enjoying their children on the play ground. Sweet times with friends in the Lord are like balm to our souls.

Every week Satan fights against what we are doing for the Lord. Continue to pray for us and what God is doing with us. I am going to try to put up another post promptly after this one for this past week. Bear with me as I try to keep up with everything. God bless and thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Crowley, Texas

Saturday morning we traveled up to Crowley Texas to be in Two special meetings at Fort Victory Baptist Church with Bro. Keisling and his church family.

The first meeting was a Building dedication and Hebrew scroll viewing. They have a recently finished beautiful building which we enjoyed singing several songs in and listening to testimonies as well as preaching.  We heard first from Bro. Payne then from the president of the Norris Bible Baptist Institute on the second day of the Bible conference. The scrolls were really interesting we got to see a whole old testament collection.

It was great to hear about the Pastor and work that was going on there and getting to meet some of the kind people and also meeting the associate Pastor, Bro. James who took the time to talk with us and teach us some great ways to minister effectively. His wife was also a special blessing to my husband and I by preparing special food for us that was sugar free. It was a real pleasure fellow-shipping with them and feeling God's presence in this place.

alter call

several area preachers attended

the Pastor

a half shekel 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Whitley Texas

Beautiful Easter Morning!

It was another early morning for the Harrods as we set out for Whitley, Texas and Missionary Baptist Church. It was Easter so Bro. Harrod's Dad decided to follow us over to the meeting. He was ready before us and waiting. It was a blessing to spend Easter with one of our relatives especially since this was my first Easter without my Mother.

The drive over was smooth and the scenery was beautiful. I finally got to see the lake Whitney I had heard about so many years. Maybe one day we can return and check out the water more. We did get to take the kids to a beautiful park for the afternoon while some of us rested in the van for a while.

We found that our friend Pastor Allen Barrio was not feeling very well and immediately I began to pray for him and his family. They too travel a long way just to pastor this church. Its a sacrifice and was an honor for us to be with a man who deems the ministry worthy of his best!

We sang several songs and then heard an Easter message from Bro. Berrio. That Sunday there was dinner on the grounds and I could smell the wonderful cooking all service long. I knew something had to be delicious the way it smelled. My favorite dish of all was the cheesy potato casserole.

Bro. Weldon

We sat around after service and visited with Bro. Berrio and his children and sweet wife. Also a dear Bro. Weldon. We met several sweet folks and enjoyed our trip. We weren't sure where to go next so we bowed together in prayer and prayed about where to go next for our night service and wound up in Alvarado Texas with Bro. Tom Davis there. We had seen him earlier at the Fellowship and the Men of the Word Conference and I really enjoyed his preaching at the Fellowship we went to on our vacation.

Half of our kids were having really bad allergies and having problems with their voices but we made it in to the church there and found our places before the service started. I noticed that they had great music there with the pianist playing beautifully and wondered what kind of special music we were going to be in for. Just then the pastor saw us and spoke to my husband. Then I found out what kind of special music I would hear.

Talking to Bro. Tom Davis when he was filling up our van.

Zena had to stay back in the seat because her voice was not working at all for singing. The spirit was in it and we were able to do about three songs. God is good and holds us up when we are weak on our own. The preaching was great and we enjoyed learning that The pastor's wife was related to some friends of ours from church camp that we used to know. They even knew people from our home town. So maybe we will get back to visit and sing for them again sometime.

Singing to the folks at Burger King.

Please continue to pray for the ministry as we have many needs; our God is able and will supply!

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