Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We went up North!

Last Friday we went up to the Fort Worth area to attend some meetings and get some more pastor contacts.

First off the teen boys in our family were lead by Bro. Harrod to the "Men of the Word" conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas. That was on Friday night and Saturday. Bro. Harrod was really happy to see a lot of his old church friends and some pastors that were church members back when he and I were members at Trinity Baptist in the 90's.

While they were there at the conference the girls and Loty and I took a fun outing out our mission apartment door. The mission apartment we were staying in was in a Christian school and they had a great big sports yard there that the kids could run and play in. I let them play for a while and then I decided that we would have a few field day games and the competition was fierce.

Sunday we loaded up the crew and headed to the church that has the school building that we were staying in, "First Baptist church of Haltom City." The atmosphere was great; people were buzzing everywhere and we enjoyed the Sunday School hour feeling right at home. We sang for them in the morning service and they were eager to have us back in. Then we headed over to an afternoon service at King's Highway Baptist Church and sang a few songs for them and then after the service the Pastor was talking to Bro. Harrod in his office and the Pastor asked him if any of our kids was interested in a mandolin. Bro. Harrod knew right away that this was the mandolin Zoi was looking for. She was so incredibly excited about this gift and has been playing on it ever since. That night we went to Friendly Lane Baptist Church for the evening service and we saw some more old friends that used to go to Trinity Baptist and Bro. Bill Howe and his wife have a sweet church family and a beautiful building to serve our Lord in. We were asked to sing a song and we were amazed; this was one of the few churches that actually had enough mikes for our whole family. Now that's a lot of mikes. lol

While we were up there at the Men of the Word conference, Bro. Harrod was told about another meeting called, Independent Baptists of Texas & The Great Southwest. I had heard of this one through facebook and wanted to go to it last year so Monday night we loaded up and went to Bible Baptist Church in Rendon, where Bro. Winkle pastors.  It was great to get to see some more of our friends, hear them preach and fellowship with them some after the services. I even got to see a couple of people that I knew from going to church camp for many years and one I only knew from facebook. Its so special how God orders our steps and puts certain people together for our good and his Glory! 

Tuesday morning we went to Sherman Texas for the Big Country Independent Baptist Preacher's Fellowship at Cornerstone Baptist Church where Bro. Crawford Pastors. We met many new faces and for a little bit felt out of place but soon got over that when we were asked to sing and God gave us a peace and comfort from his spirit there. We were able to hear some great preaching and the congregational singing was lively with great hymns. Praise the Lord for churches and pastors who stick by the old paths and continue on despite of age or opposition from the Devil.  WE were able to schedule with another pastor while there, Praise the Lord! 

Zoi had already learned a song on her mandolin by then and played it for the Pastor that gave it to her, he was there at the fellowship. He really liked that and was having a great time with the kids. 

That night we were invited to have supper with my husband's best friend, Bro. David Oldenkamp and his family. They are expecting their third child and God is using them to be a light in their community. We had a great time of refreshing and discussing the bible and how God is working in our lives and families. 

Wednesday morning we wanted to go see my cousin Todd who is recovering from a bad car accident. He is in a facility that was in the area where we were and I really wanted to be a blessing to that family in any way that we could. Todd was such an encouragement to me in Bible college and encouraged me to be strong in the Lord! He and his family were there for me in my twenties and were my supportive family when I was away at Bible College. 

We made arrangements to be there at around 1 or 1:30 and since we woke up later being on "vacation" we didn't bother having lunch and went on to meet up with my cousin, my Aunt and Uncle and Todd's wife Cherish. We began to sing and God moved in that room and in hearts to minister to the family that I so dearly love. Thank the Lord for his promised presence in our midst. "For when two or three are gathered together in His name!" Please continue to pray for my cousin and his family. He has come a long way but has many hurdles to get over and through in his recovery. He has lost vision in one eye and is now working on being able to have the use of his legs. He has gained much more movement in his arms and doing much more than most thought possible. Todd is an amazing man of God and I know that God is not finished with him yet! 

Thursday we made our way back to Burnet slowly and went to some favorite spots on the way home. God is good! We worked on this vacation but the kids also got to do some playing in between. We would like to send a big thank you to the First Baptist Church in Haltom City for allowing us to stay in their great missions apartment; we enjoyed our stay. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't have been able to take this trip and see God expand our ministry as only he can. 

Please keep up the prayers for the ministry of The Harrod Family:

  • pray for more supporting churches
  • pray for c.d. recording equipment 
  • pray for c.d.'s to be made
  • pray for wireless mikes and smaller better speakers
  • pray for our electric piano to be repaired
  • pray for our bus to get remodeled
  • pray for our van to continue to work correctly or get a new one (God's will be done)]
  • pray for a open flat trailer to hall the the van behind the bus
  • pray for a closed in trailer to hall our instruments and sound equipment
  • pray for health and strength for the journey 
Thank you for praying and giving we appreciate every prayer and need each one.

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