Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Star, Youngsport and Gatesville

This weekend was packed with meetings and blessings. First we drove to Star, Texas to sing at a new youth camp fundraiser. The camp, "BANG" was started by our good friends the Watson's and Barrios. Several singing groups came and there was a lunch provided with your donation. It was good to see the old school building being put to good use. Pray for the administrators as they prepare the facilities to become a church camp. They still need to build the shower rooms and that is quite expensive.

the Star school they are using for the camp

Sunday morning we were scheduled to be in Youngsport Baptist Church with Bro. Bobby Knight and the church family were waiting there to bless our family with a load of groceries; what a huge blessing! Our cupboards haven't been this full in a very long time. They just about thought of everything. What a loving and sweet church family 😊

there was more than got in the picture. Wow!

That evening we went over and spent some time singing to a former pastor's wife in the nursing home that we heard about while we were in Youngsport. She and another lady sang some hymns with us and enjoyed our company as much as enjoyed theirs. We also saw some really cute birds while we were there.

Mrs. Freida
Zena is a hugger!

Then we were off to Harmony Baptist with Bro. Painter we got there early and the kids enjoyed the playground and met some friendly neighborhood dogs, while Bro. Harrod used the time to study and I tried to rest.

We were able to set up and meet some members and the pastor. A good mix of the generations. We sang and the congregation was very receptive. Praise the Lord! Bro. Harrod preached on good  chacter qualities from the Bible. At one point he wrestled Loty to the ground as a visual and people definitely will be talking about that one for a while. It was a really nice meeting and the pastor was glad to see kids that liked to sing out.

We are praying about a series of meetings that will encourage kids to sing out and use their voices to serve the Lord as well as teach them about Godly music.

Please keep praying for

  • more supporting churches, 
  • recording equipment, 
  • bus to get remodeled etc.        
Thank you, God hears and answers prayers!

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