Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cedar Valley and Waco and a Bonus Blessing!

Sunday morning we got up early to head to Cedar Valley. I hadn't slept much from my back hurting so I was praying about my energy level. I caught some rest on the way over and God blessed the services. Bro. Billy Barho taught on keeping God in your life it was really good with some points just for our children to glean. We were reminded to pray also for the "Days of Refreshing" coming up in March. There was lunch served afterward and the food was outstanding!

That afternoon we wanted to see a dear friend of ours that is in the hospital expected to see Jesus soon. We made it to Scott and White and found his room with all kinds of family and friends surrounding him in the waiting room and his patient room. Bro. Harrod asked if we could be a blessing to them by praying or singing for them. They said both would be good and that he responds the best to music. So we sang a few songs and prayed for Bro. Gentry and his family. His Mom and Dad were there and we had the privilege of meeting them; they are very sweet as well.

After we left the hospital we were off to find a church to drop into and see what God was doing there.

We set the GPS and made it to Evergreen Baptist Church . The music was beautiful and in the church had a sweet Spirit. The pastor had heard a sample of our music online and asked if we would sing for them one song at the beginning of the service and another at the end. God blessed that service the pastor taught on a generation who called on the Lord! Then he gave an invitation and God moved. One was saved and another wanted to join the church. We got to know the pastor and his wife and they were very interested in our ministry and it's needs. It's so nice to know the people if God care because you know they will pray.

Later that night before bed we got a call from Bro. Evans from San Marcus at Open Door Baptist. Bro. Harrod had found them a bus for sale at Bro. Dailey's church and got them the information. The people at Christ Bible Baptist donated that bus to Open Door Baptist. God a t work!

He sent us a text earlier that just thrilled our hearts.

Text message: First Sunday for the Bus Ministry. Bus was full. Even adults and teens came . We had 41 in Church. God really used you. Please find us a bigger bus. Lol

What a blessing that God would allow us to have a small part in His work! There was also a report of children coming to know the Lord in Sunday school. Glory to God for what he has done! The pastor was saying that there are so many kids that could be reached and that they could use a second bus, Praise The Lord! I can't explain how good that made us feel! It was just another confirmation that we are right where God wants us at the moment!

There were so many blessings. Plus we got a new teenager in the family! Zebedee is now 13 and he sings harmony. He loves to paint pictures on canvas, take nature walks, invent contraptions, crochet scarves etc. , explore his surroundings, talking to just about anyone, going to thrift stores, and being a cut up. He is my greatest birthday present ever, but we won't talk about how old I am. lol

His favorite food is Italian. 

Please pray for us as we travel.

Prayer needs:

*Sound equipment that is up to date and more compact for travel.
*Recording a c.d./mp3/etc.
*More Monthly Financial Supporting churches so that we can do this full time and see what God has for us to accomplish for him.
* Remodel of our bus and possibly a trailer to pull behind for supplies and more sleeping area.

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