Tuesday, January 30, 2018

San Marcus and San Antonio Double Blessings!

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We were scheduled at Open Door Baptist Church (please click and read their story) on Sunday Morning and the Lord really blessed the singing and both the Sunday School and Church messages.

Our 18th Anniversary

We stayed up late making sure everything was ready to go so that we could leave early in the morning on our trip to San Marcus to meet with Bro. Evans and his flock at Open Door Baptist. They were in a Missions Emphasis and were also having "dinner on the grounds" after church. (Boy, was that meal delicious!)

We had practiced some special missions songs songs; they went very well and the people were blessed. We really loved getting to visit with the people afterwards and we enjoyed watching the baptismal service as well. Zeke brought his banjo out and played for some elderly sisters and they joined in singing with him.

We heard some beautiful piano music played by the pastor's son, Joseph and the congregationals were made extra special by the addition of a horn played by the pastor's other son, Caleb. Caleb has a beautiful family with a sweet little girl that brightens the whole church. My girls loved playing with her and playing ball with Joseph after church.

There was also a great couple who knew my mother from when she was young in San Angelo and they want to start a bus ministry in the church and have been really looking for a church bus. SO if you hear of one PLEASE let us know and we will relay the message.

We got a little rest in the wonderful mission's apartment there at Open Door and then we made plans to attend the First Fundamental Mexican Church of San Antonio where my dad knew the pastor in his Seminary days. My Dad always told me when I was younger at church camp that I should visit that church because I love the Mexican people.

First Fundamental Mexican Baptist Church

It was such an overwhelming blessing for me to visit that church. The music was lively and wonderful and the spirit of God was alive and well there! The antique building was amazing and the people were very friendly. The pastor Bro. Ortiz brought us to set up front and then asked us to sing and Bro. Harrod to preach for the people. My heart was so full and my eyes began to leak. Thank you Pastor and thank you Lord Jesus for such a wonderful experience.

After the services there was a gracious young man that met us and took our family out to eat. He explained that he was planning on attending Bible college soon and had a good talk with us about the things of God. Thank you to Bro. Mark you blessed our souls and our bodies. Jesus Never Fails!

Please keep us in your prayers so that we can fill up our calendar and gain the support that we need to go full time in this ministry that God has placed us into.

OUR GOALS for 2018:

*This year we want to be able to make some music C.D.'s
(In order to do this we need to buy some recording equipment: a new sound board and wireless microphones and smaller more portable speakers)
*We are praying for more supporting churches
* We are planning on making our bus more travel friendly.
(heating and a.c. working, bunk beds, under carriage storage added etc.)
* Be in 100 churches this year.

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