Tuesday, October 24, 2017

At Calvary

This weekend we were going to spend some time back at our home church in Temple........

Friday my family got together to celebrate my Mom and Dad's anniversary. My brother Andy went over to the Nursing Home to pick up my dad and bring him out to Bertram to be with my Mom where she is staying with her cousin Mrs. Amidon. Mom spent the day in the bed as she has been doing lately; sometimes she will go to the living room to be in the recliner but most of the time she is too week to do that for long. My Dad was content to sit in his wheelchair with her by his side. He has missed seeing her and she him. (Pray for Dad he has been having a lot of soreness in his shoulder.) It was a good time together with family from both sides of the family attending.

Then on Sunday we got up early and went up to Temple back to Calvary Baptist Church where we got to hear our pastor Bro. Reed preach and see our sweet friends who are faithfully praying for our ministry and family. We took a nap in the pews between services and for the kids time before service Bro. Reed asked me to fill in for sister Reed because she was out sick.  I got together with Zach and we did a short lesson and a craft activity of making cards, posters and letters for a dear man who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been in the hospital there in Temple. Our kids got to know him through youth camp. He and his wife and family went to the same camp and are from Riverside Baptist Church in Meridian that we attended with Bro. George Watson a while back. Please keep Bro. Rick Gentry wife Tiffany and their children in your prayers. Here is their gofundme page.

During the discipleship class between services Bro. Reed asked Bro. Harrod to preach his sermon on, "Purpose." We sang a few songs and Bro. Harrod brought the sermon that God had been laying on his heart. Later, after the services we headed down to the hospital and got to see Bro. Gentry and his wife. We surprised them with a mini concert and God really blessed. Bro. gentry has been in the hospital for about 3 weeks and has had at least 2 surgeries to remove tumor infected areas.

We gave them the posters that the kids from church had made and saw that their girls were super great artist and had some beautiful artwork on the walls, so we just added to all of the beautiful work already there. They said that the posters and cards are a real encouragement to him and their family and they would look at them and remember our visit.

We hugged them and went out to the lobby to look out the window one last time at the view; we were on the top floor and it was pretty neat. But as we were going to do that there were nurses and technicians speeding through the halls. I knew that wasn't good and heard bells going off. It was a matter of life and death. Then I looked over in the waiting room and saw a lady who was crying and the chaplain beside her I kept looking at her because I knew she needed something from me. Then the man said that they were trying to save her husband. I told her that I was praying for her and gave her a hug. Such a heart wrenching moment. It was sad to see she was all alone to deal with this but then I remembered that she said it was all in God's hands now. She was not alone! God sent me to give her a hug from him. I know that hugs give strength to the weary. I'm glad I could be used to help this hurting lady.

Last night my Mom went into the ER to get platelets her platelet count was down to a 5. I called my good friend Mrs. Vickie Pierce (she had offered to stay with the kids if I needed her)  and she stayed with the kids until Bro. Harrod got home from work, what a blessing! I spent the night with her in the hospital. It went pretty good but she was in some pain and didn't get much sleep. Pray she gets to rest today.

We are preparing for a longer trip again to the Fort Worth area this weekend so pray all goes well.


* Recording equipment so that we can record our music 
and make cd's.
speaker hauling dollies or smaller speakers.
* fold up bunk beds that fit just right in our bus and a queen size bed for Mom and Dad. Portable toilet, storage for instruments and tools.*Meetings for our calendar
*Traveling Mercies
* James and Gerri Hoover (my parents) - Dad's in the Nursing Home recovering from foot surgery and Mom's battle with Leukemia is serious. Prayer for wisdom and healing.
*Health while serving our Lord 
*God's direction and help in everything we do!


Bro. Harrod was able to repair the bus A.C. (September 2017)* God provided school books through a great Christian friend in ministry praise the LORD!!! (September)
The Lord gave us a transit bus!!! Yippy Hallelujah! (End of August 2017)
Bro. Harrod was able to repair the van and it drives without getting hot now.*  Our van was hauled home and we were taken home safe and sound. (7-30-17)
God gave us our first supporting church and sold all of our hair bands/bracelets!
God was great in our first Revival Meeting!

*We were able to use our new sound system.
* The fellowship at churches has been great!
* We are picking up a few more meetings.
*  Our sick van made it home safely!

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