Thursday, October 12, 2017

Meeting At The Rock

This Sunday we were scheduled to sing at Victory Baptist Church in Copperas Cove , Texas , but first we stopped in at Round Rock Baptist Church and the pastor there invited us to be apart of their Sunday morning worship and help them kick off their fall program. It was great getting to know the pastor and his family. He was very kind and was helpful. They tried to send some free gold fish home with us from the program but we thought twice and told him they would probably boil in our van when we stopped to eat.

From the church in Round Rock we stopped for a bite to eat and God blessed with providing an anonymous person to pay for our meal. That was very unexpected and sent us singing down the road to our next stop. We wanted to get some cool water to drink for our hot ride; we drove the van since it wasn't very far and Bro. Harrod is in the middle of rearranging our bus so that we can fit some beds in there for our next trip. So we went to the dollar store and picked up water and some hair fixin' supplies so that the girls hair would be nice for the evening service.

Girls window Shopping Nora met an old Man. lol Who is that masked woman?

Boys Window Shopping and trying Dad sniffing the candles. We had time to kill while waiting for our seat.

Funny candy and more window shopping. Its more inexpensive this way and doesn't clutter the house. lol

On we went down the road listening to the GPS tell us our exits opps we had two on and almost missed our exit. Yes I set my phone to go to the dollar store and Bro. Harrod set his phone for the church. Thankfully Bro. Harrod figured that out and didn't have us going in circles. Lol

We made it to the church and I fixed on the girls hair a little and then we practiced the songs that we were going to sing. We visited with some of the folks there. Zach and Zeke are friends with some of the teen boys there and the other kids are friends with some younger children that we knew when we went to church with them at another church. It is always nice to have familiar faces for the kids to come to. God always knows how to work things out for us like that.

After the service we were greeted warmly and noticed that many were blessed. This is always an answer to our prayers because this is what we were called to do. We still feel amazed that God is using us. Thank you for your support and prayers. Things are tight right now while we are gathering support but God is always on time and supplies our every need.

Don't forget to pray for my parents they are having a rough time. My Mom especially is going through the fire. Her health is going down even more. She got some medicine for the pain she was having last week so hopefully she will get to feeling better soon.


speaker hauling dollies or smaller speakers.
*Meetings for our calendar
*Traveling Mercies
* James and Gerri Hoover (my parents) - Dad's in the Nursing Home recovering from foot surgery and Mom's battle with Leukemia is serious. Prayer for wisdom and healing.
*Health while serving our Lord 
*God's direction and help in everything we do!


Bro. Harrod was able to repair the bus A.C. (September 2017)* God provided school books through a great Christian friend in ministry praise the LORD!!! (September)
The Lord gave us a transit bus!!! Yippy Hallelujah! (End of August 2017)
Bro. Harrod was able to repair the van and it drives without getting hot now.*  Our van was hauled home and we were taken home safe and sound. (7-30-17)
God gave us our first supporting church and sold all of our hair bands/bracelets!
God was great in our first Revival Meeting!

*We were able to use our new sound system.
* The fellowship at churches has been great!
* We are picking up a few more meetings.
*  Our sick van made it home safely!

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