Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fort Worth Trip A.C. Problems and Blessings

We left Saturday afternoon at about 2:30 for the Fort Worth area. We first had to stop at the Stripes gas station to pick up an electric wheat grinder we had gotten on Craig's List. This will help us make home made bread to keep us healthy and strong for the road. We met our party and they were great to wait for us and deliver the unit. I can't wait to get that going we had one before and it was ran until it finally gave up the ghost!

Then we were off to meet the preacher down at Killeen who helped us understand our A.C. better and showed us how to make it run cooler. That worked real good for a little while and then the A.C, quit on us completely. I believe it was the belt. So we should be able to get that repaired and running soon.

Then we were back on the road and finally made it over to our friend's house in the Fort Worth area for a great place to stay in the nice cool air with sweet Christian folks and amazingly scrumptious food. The kids enjoyed playing with their toddler and baby and then we showered and bedded down for the night. I took some much needed pain medicine for my back and prayed for relief in the morning.

We rose early the next morning, got dressed and ready and had our breakfast that was already ready in the crock pot of Mrs. Oldenkamp. What an wonderful blessing she was on top of juggling her own family and home life she managed to fit all of us in to her schedule. I know God will give her blessings for her involvement in the work of the Lord! Praise God for this faithful family! They were a huge blessing to us!

We rushed off to the bus and deposited our still sleepy bodies into our seats. Bro. Harrod got out our directions to the church and hit the trail. We arrived and met our contact Bro. Dodson and he showed the Z-kids to their Sunday School rooms and myself and Bro. Harrod to the auditorium. They also asked if I could play the piano and help them out because they didn't have a permanent piano player yet. Jojin us in praying that God would bless them in their need! ( I met a young lady there who was teaching herself to play the piano and was doing a great job at it with no prior piano lessons. I helped her a little and am really looking forward to what God will do with her) The morning Service was great we even were asked to sing a song for the morning special to get the services started.

That afternoon we were planning on taking our Baptist nap in the Sunday School rooms which I really needed because my back was still giving me a lot of trouble and when we got back to the church the power was out. Oh no, I thought, hoping that the air would be cool in the other building. When I climbed the stairs I found out that the air was not cool and I tried to make myself comfortable any way. Then I asked all of you that follow our facebook group to help out by praying that the electricity would come back on. It wasn't long after I decided to bring yall into it that sure enough God answered and came through for us. the electricity came back on and I hit the a.c. button right away. There was a window unit and our room was super cool in no time. Bro. Harrod brought up our air mattress to help my back and we rested until the evening service. I'm so glad God gave me a man that cares about how I feel. That was so much better than laying on some chairs.

Unfortunately I didn't get any sleep but at least I was cool and comfortable. I forced myself up and got our things ready to go back on the bus. Took some pain medicine and prayed for relief. I was excited about how God was going to move and what he was up to in the services because I knew that God works his best when we are at our weakest. Before the services got started good there was a prayer request time and a lady that was talking to me before the services, asked that the church pray for my back. That brought tears to my eyes and after a while I started to feel the pain relief that we had all prayed for. Thank you Jesus for helping me through.

The kids sang a few songs and then it was time for the preaching. The preaching was great and I could tell that God was at work in the service. People got involved and the attention to the message was great! We are praying that God will raise up some young people, men and women there that will turn the world upside down! We really enjoyed the church's involvement in the bus ministry; that was a blessing to see how much they care about the children in the area. The front pews were filled with children and teens that rode the bus and they were rewarded for paying attention during the sermon. That made me smile and I'm sure that made the heavenly Father smile with joy!

God met with us that night and showed us great and mighty things. He showed the Harrod family how he provides for our every need even when the need is great! We had been praying about some special prayer requests and God had come through once again.  He showed me his healing if even for a few minutes while we sang and preached. He showed the people that he loved them and wanted them to keep going fighting the Devil!

We got back on the bus and headed toward home. Stopped at a fast food place to get some food. After we ate we asked if we could sing for them since it was about empty and gave out our family tracts to them. Thank God for his gospel! Pray for the seed that was sewn.

We finally made it home about an hour later than planed because the GPS took us down some back roads that were really windy. Thanks to everyone who prayed there were zero engine troubles and that is a miracle for a bus that sat for 4 years! God is so good!

Oh boy today is the twins birthday I better get off of here and get busy there is a cake to be had sometime today! That may  mean I have to make it. Gotta go! Keep us in your prayers.

Check out Jr. below he is so sweet! I just had to share his great smile with the world!

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