Monday, August 14, 2017

Liberty Hill

This week we dropped in at Lampasas Baptist Church and enjoyed a great Sunday School lesson and Sunday sermon by Pastor David Richardson. Seeing them again was great and visiting with the members there was a treat.

We were able to head back home for lunch and a Sunday nap then on over to Liberty Hill Texas at Union Hall Baptist Church. We were scheduled there to Sing and Bro. Harrod to preach. The singing went great! Zach our oldest son and child, broke out of his comfort zone and sang his first solo. He asked to do this a while back and wow what a great job the Lord did through him.

Everyone there seemed to be very friendly and helpful. One lady I met there last time we had dropped in, told me that she had our card from last time we came and was praying for us. I told her that we could feel her prayers when we were broke down on the side of the road a little while back. She said she would continue to pray. This means so much to us! You will never know how the Devil attacks us on a daily basis and desires to "sift us like wheat!" from Like 22:31

While at Union Hall we were able to reconnect with a sweet family the Larkins that we used to go to church with years ago. Its always to good to see old friends and see how God has kept them in the faith.

Our dear friends, The Thompson's, came over to join us last night and we were so happy to see them. God is good to give us such great friends in the faith. It was a great encouragement to see them there! Damaris Thompson too a video of us singing and it is on our facebook page. We are not perfect singers but we are doing what God called us to do and want to be a blessing to others. If you are not following our face book page yet just click on the link above.

On the way home we stopped in at a Dominos that was next to the gas station and enjoyed a some fresh pizza. The kids got up close seating and were able to watch the employees make the pizzas. There were exactly 7 chairs there waiting for them and we were the only ones in the place. God is good to think of us like that.

After we ate the manager asked if we would like an extra pizza on them to take home with us. So of course we couldn't turn that down and now we have lunch for today! I just felt like God was showing us his tender care for his children and letting my heart know that this faith walk we are on is of him and he will always take care of us! Praise the Lord for his goodness to his people!

We had to sing them a short song for being such great hosts!

Thank you for your prayers this week!

* Reliable and comfortable transportation for our family (our van is pretty old)
* Tour Bus that is Large enough for our family of nine to live in comfortably.
*Meetings for our calendar
*Traveling Mercies
* James and Gerri Hoover (my parents) - Dad's feet pain and Mom's battle with Leukemia
*Health while serving our Lord 
*God's direction and help in everything we do!


Bro. Harrod was able to repair the van and it drives without getting hot now.*  Our van was hauled home and we were taken home safe and sound. (7-30-17)
God gave us our first supporting church and sold all of our hair bands/bracelets!
God was great in our first Revival Meeting!

*We were able to use our new sound system.
* The fellowship at churches has been great!
* We are picking up a few more meetings.
*  Our sick van made it home safely!

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