Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Good Work

Hello Friends,

The meeting in Rockdale went very good. We left early in the morning around 7am from our house in Burnet, Texas and headed toward Rockdale. As we got closer to our destination we began to see beautiful landscapes of green fields and nice tall trees we even got to go through a canopy of trees like a tunnel over our road; we always love it when that happens. Its great just to recognize the paintings and sculptures that God makes for us to enjoy.

We practiced singing on the way in the van as we usually do. Zeke and Zoi already practiced their new song in the yard before we took off from the house. I guess the neighbors got an ear full. We arrived at God's house happy and ready for God to use us.

Bro. Harrod, Zach and Zeke took our sound system in. Zach and Zeke got their muscles exercised with those heavy speakers, I guess that is their "gym membership". We located a table for our display and crocheted items to add to our bus fund. We found the table and they even had a great table cloth that really made our table look great! A special thanks to the people of  Landmark Baptist Church who came early to open up the church for us!

A sweet lady who donated to our bus fund and got some hand made wash clothes.

It was so nice to meet all of the people there and see their willingness to help us in anything that we might be looking for or need to set up. We were filling the pulpit for Bro. Thomas Cordova and the people there were ready to serve and made us feel right at home.

wash clothes and headband

The service was great. We enjoyed the song service lead by Bro. Loddie and he even gave us a copy of the world's smallest Bible which was a blessing to our hearts. He was a very interesting man to listen to and get to know. My husband had a real good time talking with him.

bible on one page

We sang several songs there, about 25 songs and Bro. Harrod got to preach 3 different times; one sermon was a great salvation message that God recently put on his heart. I'm sure someone needed that message so pray that it will be used there to encourage the saved to spread the gospel or to bring the lost to salvation even now; we know God's word will not return void!

Bro. Loddie and Bro. Harrod

After a great lunch prepared by the ladies, we loaded up our equipment and headed back to our neck of the woods where we were expected at Northside Baptist in Burnet for Vacation Bible School. (our home church in Temple was having Vacation Bible School and we were a bit sad that we couldn't go up everyday to Temple for that but it would be too hard to do every day. When we got home last Sunday we saw a door hanger for the Vacation Bible School at Northside that we have been going to for years and we were so happy that the church there thought of us again and left that invitation for us. ) That was another way that the Lord showed us that he still loves us and is taking care of our every need!

The closer we got to home the more we began to see that our van was not traveling well again. It had began to overheat and was not cooling down. We turned the heater on, we added more water, we added coolant, my husband even noticed a messed up hose. A good Samaritan at the gas station in Georgetown where we were stopped, asked if there was a way he could help and Bro. Harrod asked him to take him to the parts store to replace that hose. After that we waited, but to no avail. While we were waiting for the van to cool down my husband got to help a lady that had stopped by to get some air in her tires and he found out that she lived in Killeen, Texas so we gave her one of our cards that had the name of our church on it and invited her to Calvary Baptist in Temple. She sounded real interested and did not have a church home yet since she was new to the area. We said after that that maybe that was the reason we had ended up stopped in that particular location because nothing is an accident with God!

We thought maybe it had cooled down enough to drive home and then we ended up back at the gas station. We again made it a little ways down the road and we decided that it was just not going to work to drive home because it was super hot. So we began praying about our next move. We thought of some friends that had a trailer and called them to come and pick us up but they couldn't take all of us so when a kind lady and her daughter offered to wait there with us and drive a few of us in her car, that was a definite answer to prayer.

Our poor children and their poor parents (smile) were quite worn out from all of the waiting and the hot sun. They were being troopers and tried to make the best of it some were passing a ball around another was reading the Bible, some practiced the guitar and others had to rest as much as possible in the van.  Needless to say part of the time I was looking on the internet for a bus and my cousin offered to keep a look out for us as well. You never know who God may use to answer that prayer.
 It was really wearing on us when our rescuers showed up and saved our day or rather night by this time.

Zach reading and memorizing Psalm 119

It was good to see our friends the Hubbard's and know that they hadn't forgotten us. They are the best! Hugs went all around and I and a couple of our girls had to take off with the lady that had been waiting so long so that she and her daughter could get home. Pray for them as they are looking for a church and we gave them several that they could check out. God was using us to help get others in a good church home. I'm so glad about that because at least all of that discomfort wasn't for nothing. Oh yes I didn't mention another man who had stopped by and we gave him a card as well so maybe that had an effect for Christ as well. I sure hope so! Please pray for all of these good Samaritans! Its nice to know that Texas is still friendly.

I don't know what tomorrow holds for us. Unfortunately the kids didn't make it to the first night of Vacation Bible School because of our van problems; but yesterday, Bro. Frazier was kind enough to come by and pick up the kids for Vacation Bible School. Thank you Jesus for taking care of us! Please continue to pray about our need for reliable transportation and a bus to tour in.


* Reliable and comfortable transportation for our family (our van is on its last legs)
* Tour Bus that is Large enough for our family of nine to live in comfortably.
*Meetings for our calendar
*Traveling Mercies
* James and Gerri Hoover (my parents) - Dad's feet pain and Mom's battle with Leukemia
*Health while serving our Lord 
*God's direction and help in everything we do!


*  Our van was hauled home and we were taken home safe and sound.
God gave us our first supporting church and sold all of our hair bands/bracelets!
God was great in our first Revival Meeting!

*We were able to use our new sound system.
* The fellowship at churches has been great!
* We are picking up a few more meetings.
*  Our sick van made it home safely!

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