Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Perfect Day!

Yesterday was great! We were scheduled to have Bro. Harrod's Ordination in the evening service and my Mom and Dad were going to get to come. My Dad was giving the charge! But I am getting ahead of myself.

Early in the Morning we set out to travel to our home church Calvary Baptist in Temple, Texas. Bro. Reed wanted my husband to be ordained and sent out of the church as a missionary/evangelist. The morning services were very uplifting and hot! Bro. Reed was preaching on the grace of God and when he gets excited well sometimes things topple over. It was great I like to see men preach with excitement! It really keeps one from falling asleep in the services. That evening was when we were supposed come before the ordination counsel. We got some rest on the church pews between service and then got up to wait on our guests.

That night we were expecting some great friends the Oldenkamps from the Dallas area and the Thompsons from Marble Falls, Texas, who were bringing my Mother and Father to the service.  We were so excited as we waited and then some of the men of the counsel started arriving first Bro. Sullivan from Killeen, a sweet pastor friend of ours for years. He and his wife came and gave us a great report of how his new church building project was almost finished.

The Oldenkamps

It wasn't too long before the counsel and my Parents arrived with The Thompsons, Bro. Jordan and Damaris, his sweet wife. Then, the other members of the counsel Bro. McCoy a dear friend and evangelist, my dad, Bro. James Hoover and our Pastor Bro. Rick Reed. I was invited to set in on the counsel just in case the men had any questions for me as the wife. There were a lot of good questions and some sage advice given as well. We took notes and read scriptures together. It was a really good time of focusing on the great ministry before us!

The Thompsons

Bro. Harrod passed his ordination counsel with flying colors and we were pleased to move on to the music and messages by Bro. Reed and Bro. Hoover. It was so wonderful to have my parents in the service with us. ( My Mother was able to be there and had a great time visiting with old friends.)
Bro. Reed gave a mini charge and Bro. Hoover took his time and did a great job reminding us of our great responsibility to give out the gospel in Christian love!

Bro. James Hoover

Bro. Harrod's Certificate

When the service was coming to an end we were asked to come forward and kneel in the front of the church and all the men of the church came and prayed for my husband and our family while our friend Bro. David Oldenkamp prayed aloud. I was crying great tears of joy! It was almost like getting married again or something; I didn't want this moment to end. I could feel God's presence on on very strongly. God is so good!

Bro. David Oldenkamp

Afterward I split myself between our two friends and their families trying to spend some time with both plus checking on my parents and children now and then. I enjoyed every minute of it! I didn't even feel that tired. I had some God given energy from the joy that was in my heart! Praise the Lord for a great Christian family and the heritage we have! I don't ever want to take it for granted!

So thankful for the church and the counsel and to God for putting us into the ministry!

The Inside
Z-kids praying!

Bro. Harrod and Mrs. Harrod Ordained

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