Monday, April 10, 2017

Our New Adventure!

Recently, God moved us to a new church Calvary Baptist, and is changing our direction in ministry. We are now attending a church that is just over an hour away. We love our pastor and his stand on the Bible, winning souls, missions, the nursing home ministry, and many other things. The people there are a joy to be around and just down home real people.

Our ministry is leaning toward singing as a family at churches in the area every now and then. The kids are learning Bible verses in their new classes and we are seeing God work in our lives every time we attend a service.

Moving has been hard but God reassures us every time we go to church there that it was a good decision and the right one for us. Healing and restoration has begun for us and I thank God for what he is doing.

Below is a picture of our family eating at a Mexican Food Place there. We really loved the food and it went a long way. We were able to eat twice on the same meal like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. God is Good! Please pray for our family as we trust God for direction in our lives.

My husband and I 

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