Thursday, March 2, 2017

Our Fun Weekend Trip

Recently we went on a weekend vacation/sourcing trip. First we headed up to Glen Rose, Texas to visit the Big Rock Park.: our kids just love scampering around all of the large rocks/boulders. There are crevices that feel like caves and they can jump from rock to rock and just have a grand time.

Then we went on up to Fort Worth and stopped by Deny's to have a great supper before checking in at our Hotel. We had the whole Deny's to our self for most of the supper and then as we were leaving we found out that a lady that worked the register had a birthday the next day. Zeb mentioned that it was his birthday and my birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday to her and brightened her day! Her solemn look turned into a smile.

When we arrived at the hotel we had a bit of trouble with the rooms. We wanted our 2 rooms to be connected to each other but they put one room around the corner. That turned out just fine and the boys stayed in that suite: 2 in the couch room and 2 in the bedroom; while and the girls slept on the pull out couch in the second room of our suite. Then that night we needed our sheets and pillows for the couches which my wonderful husband called ahead about and they were not in the rooms so he had to ask for those as well. aThe lady at the desk didn't want to give us any. She said that they didn't have any. So my sweet husband reminded her that we spent a lot on those rooms and that she needed to find some even if she had to go get them out of the other rooms. It was quit ridiculous but that was the only trouble we had the rest of the trip was problem free and restful! The kids and their Dad went to the basketball court that the hotel had and played some basket ball. I on the other hand to a nice relaxing bath and hit the hay for rest and relaxation from all of my hard work at ebay and home.

The next morning we awoke and had our hot breakfast down stairs and then went to source a couple of hours for our ebay business. We got a bit tired from that or rather the kids and Dad did I was still ready to do that all day. lol We picked up a few things for the kids to play with while we were out and then headed to get sandwich fixings and go to the Top Of The Hill Terrace for the tour they have there. They do a tour about gangsters and their underground casino and how they were run out by Pastor J. Frank Norris and then a Baptist college was started there.

We came late in the day and our friend who runs the tour gave us our own private tour. We love Mrs. Bryant! After we were all done with that the zildren and Mom and Dad too,  gave Mrs. Bryant her own mini concert of us singing gospel songs. She just ate that up and enjoyed it with us. It was a sweet time!

Then we headed back to the hotel. The kids played some basket ball with a group of kids that were there and had a blast. They even learned a new basketball game they didn't know yet. Our teenage boys thought that was the best part of the trip accept for Sunday afternoon which we will get to in a minute.

The next day we went to a friend's church and enjoyed their beautiful sounding choir there and the friendly people. After that we went to eat with those friends at their house and saw their new house for the first time.  The kids just had a ball playing with their toddler boy, who was exceedingly smart and rolling with chubiness. Their baby girl was sweet and angelic as well. The couple was a sweet refreshment to our souls and I kinda wanted to take their house with me when I went home. Oh well maybe next time. Lol. After much conversation and laughter we pulled ourselves away so that we could get on the road.

We wanted to get on the road quickly because I had to get out a bunch of orders that we had received over the weekend and I knew that would take a long time. SO we headed to Temple so that we could go to a preacher friends church but when we got there for some reason they were not having services so we got on google and found another like minded church and as we pulled in to their church they were letting out of Sunday evening services.

We were going to check to make sure and pulled in to the lot. As we pulled in, we saw a couple that we had known when we were on deputation to be missionaries. They invited us to their house for some bottle water and fellowship and we told them we couldn't stay long. It was so nice that God put them on our path and we had another refreshing moment with them. The wife is a tutor of dyslexic children and she showed me her tutoring room and what all she was doing. I told her that one of my z-kids was struggling with reading and she suggested some games and methods that we could use. She was such a sweetheart and you could see how much God had blessed her with a passion for those children!

We finally made it back home, packed the items to ship and fell into bed happy that we had been blessed so much as a family to have such a smooth trip and so many happy memories to think back on when the way gets rough. I am very thankful today because just remembering all of this to share it with you has made my burdens of the day lift and I can now see the sun again through the clouds.

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