Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Georgetown Memories!

We were welcomed to the Harvest Baptist church in Georgetown, Texas by our long time friends the Hollifeilds. The church was welcoming and warm and we went to setting up the sound equipment. Half of us were still groggy from waking up early and from being under the weather a bit. I was praying that everyone would keep their singing voice because on the way over there were some squeeks going on and I was uncertain of how we would end up sounding.Prayers were going up about our voices would come through clear and plain so that the people would be encouraged in the Lord!

We got things set up and tested and began to see others arrive and got to hug on my cousins I hadn't seen in a while and some I had seen also. A sweet family of visitors arrived and brought a precious baby in to join us, it was so nice to see some more faces and to meet them after services.

We got up and sang and we were a little more quiet than usual but still audible and no one lost their voice. God answers prayers. Bro. Harrod preached a sermon on Christmas and all of the things that we can learn from it and it was great some things that I hadn't even thought of before were brought out. I'm glad God gave me a man who will stand up and preach even if it it isn't popular. It was really good!

After church we went to eat and spent some great time with family and friends. It is very comforting to my heart to be in churches that have my blood family as well as my Christian family. Thanks Bro. Zing for inviting us to come! It was also super good to see Mrs. Amidon there she a sweet lady and cousin. God is good. It is has been hard loosing my Mother but God sends comfort along the way!

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