Monday, June 19, 2017

Stranded But Not Alone!

This Sunday my husband was scheduled to receive his license to preach. (In a few weeks he will be ordained as well) All we had to do is drive over to our home church in Temple and wait for that moment. That was easier said than done.

Our van had started the bad habit of overheating and my husband worked the entire Saturday on that problem with no remedy. He changed the radiator to a brand new one and did all the right things he thought and still it overheated. So we all got together (and you should have seen this the neighbors probably thought we lost it) and layed hands on the van and one by one cried out to God from the bottoms of our heart for him to answer our prayers for reliable transportation to church the next day.

The next morning by faith we loaded up the kids and hit the road for the next step of faith!

We were on our way and stopped about 20 minutes or so before we got there to get some snacks and take care of business. When we got back to the van it was running hot and we tried to cool her down but it just wasn't working so we turned off on this road because we missed our turn in all of the hullabaloo. It was only 10 minutes to our church but she had to cool down.

We stopped beside a pond and the boys began refilling our water vessels and running them back to my husband, Bro. Harrod. Unfortunately it really was going no where fast. We text our preacher to let him know what the situation was and meanwhile a kind passerby ( the good Samaritan) came and offered his help. He was persistent and didn't leave until he had followed us all the way to the church. What a great servant of the Lord he was and a great example to his daughter that was in the truck with him.

We made it in and found out we were not late after all; the church was eating Father's Day Breakfast!
God is so good! We saw Bro. Harrod and his Preacher friends receive their License and heard a wonderful sermon about Christian service.

Later that night the zildren got to hear their dad quote some great verses for our memory verse competition that we are having at church. What a great way to stand up and be a man for Christ! I'm so thankful for what God has done and is doing in our lives.

We watered the van and took off down the road again. Heading toward home we stopped and enjoyed some burgers and the kids enjoyed an ice cream cone from their big brother Zach! The little ones had fun on the inside play ground and we headed home. God kept the engine cool all the way and we are so grateful! Thank you for all who were praying for our safety!


* Reliable and comfortable transportation for our family
* Tour Bus that is Large enough for our family of nine to live in comfortably.
*Meetings for our calendar
*Traveling Mercies
* James and Gerri Hoover (my parents) - Dad's feet pain and Mom's battle with Leukemia
*Health while serving our Lord 
*God's direction and help in everything we do!


*We were able to use our new sound system.
* The fellowship at churches has been great!
* We are picking up a few more meetings.
*  Our sick van made it home safely!

Thank you for being a prayerful part of our ministry. Things go so much better with your prayers!

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