Saturday, May 20, 2017

Marble Falls Trip and The San Antonio Trip

We dropped in at one of my sister's church, Crossview Baptist Church, in Marble Falls. The Pastor there is Brother Brian Booth. The preaching was great; it was about being in God's will and the cross eyed Goliath. God used the people there to encourage us and we are praying for God to bless their congregation.

On Friday we spent the day at a King James Bible Conference which was held at Harvest Hill Baptist Church and were able to sing there about 6 songs through out the course of the day. We heard about 9 preachers preach the word of God with power. The ladies there served everyone attending some super good lunch and supper meals. Some of our children needed a new Bible so while we were there they were able to get some bibles at their book store and I picked them up some bible cases as well. God is good!

The kids met some great children there and before we left they were able to secure their contact information so that they can write to them. This was one of the things that they were praying about and God has already answered the cry of their heart. These were children that they could really identify with and were being raised very similar to themselves. God does things first class when he does them.

My husband was able to talk with Pastors about our ministry and give out several more of our prayer cards at this Conference and we will see what God chooses to do with them. He was really refreshed from this all day time with some great great men of God. Thank you for readying this blog and please keep our family in your prayers as we follow God's will one step or one mile at a time.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Nolanville Adventure

This past weekend we went to our home church in Temple, Calvary Baptist Church Pastor Bro. Rick Reed.  Then my husband decided that he would take us to eat at a Mexican restaurant for a Mother's Day treat. We had a good meal and the ladies that worked there offered their Mexican pastries to the kids.  I was impressed at their generosity so I asked if we could sing them a song. They said sure and we sang them 2 little songs.

Next we found the address to Christ Bible Baptist Church in Nolanville, Texas down the road. We set the GPS and sang ourselves down the road. We arrived a little early and were able to practice with their microphones before the service started. The Pastor there, Bro. Daily was so kind and allowed us to sing without much notice at all. My husband had met him earlier in the year at a fellowship meeting and he also knows my Dad. We know his daughter so it was a great blessing to be there with them.

We enjoyed a great singing service and heard an encouraging message from Bro. Dailey. I also enjoyed the prayer meeting that the ladies invited me to. It was great fellowship and we were enjoying the presence of the Lord! Mrs. Dailey was a huge blessing to me and made me feel loved. Its so nice to know there are Christians out there who stand for truth and right and love the brethren.

 The word says:

John 13:35 - By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

We are looking forward to being in San Antonio Friday at Harvest Hill Baptist Church at a King James Conference. Then on Saturday we are singing at the park in Marble Falls.

Our prayer needs:

My Mom and Dad's health - James and Gerri Hoover
Lonnie's Dad - Ron Harrod - recovering from surgery on foot.
Sound System
Tour Bus or R.V.
Fill up our calendar
Continued good health for all of us.
Traveling Mercies

Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pot Pie Easy Breezy

I just love pot pie but I do not love taking the time to make it the old fashioned way. So I came up with this simple easy way to put them together at home.

4 pie shells in a box from the refrigerated section of the store
4 cans of Progresso soup or your favorite canned soup.
2 packages of deep dish pie crusts (4 total)

1. Pour the cans in the crusts and cover with the crusts from the box and pinch closed.
2. Bake the pies until golden brown on 350 degrees.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Recognizing God In Our Lives!

This journey of ours into the traveling music ministry has been a large step of faith! Each step of the way we have had to trust our Heavenly Father to prepare the way and to provide in ways we have only hoped and dreamed possible. Every time we load up in the van to head out to church in Temple or to go to church somewhere else around here on Wednesdays, it is a faith walk. We seek God's face in every aspect of our journey. God is very real and we can see him in the little things working things out for our good and his glory!

 Example: we had traveled into Georgetown to shop for Zeke a new suit for his birthday; we found one at the Goodwill there and it looks sharp! Anyway, that was one answer to prayer because we found that suit right away the first store we hit! But before we got there I stopped in the library in Bertram to use the bathroom because they have nice ones there and a thrift store near by. When I opened the door to the library I noticed that it was the door to the library's cafe so I quickly closed that door and went around to the other door and Zeb went in the cafe to see if there was something there small that he could spend his hard earned money on. The man there was kind and asked if he wanted a sample of his pecan cake. He said yes he did but he had 6 other brothers and sisters. So the man said he would give them all samples and he started warming up some samples for all of the kids. The kids came in from the van and had their samples. A nice policeman came in also and the kids all saluted him.  He thought that was great and was enjoying the kids. Mr. Policeman told  them that he was once home schooled as well. When I came back from the restroom all of this was unfolding in front of me and I felt God was there working everything out.

I looked around for any indication that this man was a Christian and I saw a frame that said that there really is a God in Heaven! So I began thinking to myself that this man was so kind to give of his cake to all of us (yes he gave me a sample also I just couldn't resist pecans so yummy!) and we should repay him with a song. I asked him if we could sing a song for him. After the kids finished stuffing their face with cake sample and the hot chocolate that some of them bought, we got set and sang them the song Stand Still and Let God Move which was really great because I knew that God was doing some moving for us! I felt his presence in that little cafe. When we were done with the song the man there said that he thought we deserved more than just samples that we deserved a full sized cake.

Again I knew that God was fixing to move because on the way to the store I had prayed in my heart silently that God would provide a meal for us and I didn't know how he was going to do it.  All of the other meals that we had received were all related to churches and we weren't going to be at a church for lunch, we were going to shop. But I told God that I knew he knew the front from the back and that he could arrange anything if he so chose to. So he did, right there in that little cafe he showed my children what faith was all about. I thanked that man and told him that I had enough family alone in the area to give him customers for a long time and that I would try to send them his way! We got in to the van and told the kids how God had just answered a prayer in a wonderful way and that we got to eat dessert for lunch!  They were thrilled just as I was and knew that this was not just a little thing but a great big thing that God sent just for us! But now I have told you this story of God's moving and it was just a piece of how God moved in that day, there was so much God did that day it would take me a couple more pages to express it all.

click on the picture to see their web site

 We are not wealthy people so to follow God in this ministry is just a matter of watching God come through for us over and over again. We stand amazed and in awe of what a mighty God we serve! Whether its what church we are going to visit on a Wednesday or the faith to eat a good meal after or before we get there. We have a running prayer list and the z-kids are starting to see how God will answer your prayers and be especially close and dear to those who are serving him in and by faith. To us its like a little bit of heaven and a healing balm to our souls.

I pray that you will recognize God's presence in your life; He is at work right now in your life don't fail to see it! He loves you and wants to be near you. You have only to reach out to Him and make him the center of your life!


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