Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Off To The Bins

We are so excited. Last night the husband loaded up the zildren and I and we took our first road trip to the Goodwill Bins! I have been wanting to go there for a long time but I am not used to driving in Austin traffic so I wanted my husband to take me first so that I can get used to going there. In retrospect I should have been driving and him directing me. Oh boy that probably would have been very scary for the zildren. lol.

Our van has been under the weather for most of the year so when we started getting it in good running order then it just fell in line in my husband's mind to step up our business with a trip to Austin to try out the bins. Anyway, we got there after much driving and a trip to Taco Bell. Before we went in we prayed and we divided into sourcing teams.

After getting the ok from a employ at the bins we allowed our children to take off and start finding great treasures and take them back to the cart that was parked in the center. I told them that they didn't have to get it approved and that I would look at it after we were done before we bought it.

I got really sore but we had so much fun finding great treasures. Some people would not like going to the bins because they are really messy and not always organized out just dumped all together but this was right up our alley and we are hooked.

We plan on eventually going there on a regular basis. My dear hubby is still working out some kinks on our van so that I will feel super safe. I also have some clothes from the haul that I need to get listed first as well. Here is another video for ya'll to watch.

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