Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ebay for Home Improvement!

I've started a new campaign at our house to use some of our Ebay profits to improve our home. First is going to be our second bathroom or the kids bathroom as we call it. It needs a total make over. So we have have just started on this and the first thing that we did was buy a curtain rod and curtain for under the sink. I have also made plans to start on our walls soon because they have been bear for way too long. We started texturing them but my husband never had the free time to fix them and I am not good at that so we are going to try something different. As we get things going I will try to take you through the process and show you what we are doing with pictures. Then after that there will be floors to redo. Lots of fun ahead for all of us!

Ebay Tips:

1. Don't over share your Ebay items. I used to share them as much as I could on facebook and twitter and pinterest but a fellow Ebayer let me know that organic traffic or traffic that you don't get from sharing is better than that you get from sharing for where you are on search results. I haven't stopped all together because I have the foo smart app from Ebay that is set up to share for me whenever I have a new item. I might cut that off soon and see if it changes anything as well.

2. Spend some of your down time going through sold items on Ebay in the niche that you are in or desire to be in and learn the brands to look for.

3. Watch you tube videos that tell what they have sold lately to learn some more things that you could be looking for.

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