Friday, June 17, 2016

How To Make A Bucket Rat/Mouse/Squirrel Trap

1. First you will need a large bucket like a 5 gallon one if you have a rat problem or even a small plastic trash can for a mice problem.

2. You will need a slippery surface that moves.

That can be a number of things:
soda can
soda or water bottle
toilet paper roll
plastic prescription bottle
or whatever you can find that will spin on a wire

3. Wire like a wire coat hanger or some galvanized wire.

4. You can drill a hole in each side of your bucket next to your handles or you can just attach your wire to the handles wire area like we did on this one.

5. Next you will need some kind of wood or ramp for them to climb up on so that they can try to get at the peanut butter bait you will have smeared on the tube that you have chosen. Align that evenly with the tube so that they can get right on but pull your ramp back a bit so that the animal can not grab back on to the ramp like it is in this photo.

6. Add 2" of water for mice and 4" for rats so that they will drown. Add some salt to your water so that the animals won't stink.

7. There are ways to do this without killing the animals but I would rather not have more problems with the same animals returning or them possibly getting away.

Here is another form of the bucket trap. For this one you just use a tube and put the peanut butter inside and leave it on the edge of a counter top and the bucket down below. Yes, that is soap bubbles in the bucket. My kids thought it would be great for odor control. Oh Boy!

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