Thursday, December 15, 2016

Natural Help For A Pet With Fleas

The Lord has been so good to us but not to us only even to our sweet dog Hannah! Our poor dog has been suffering with a flea infestation that we just could not get rid of no matter what we did. So I took to the internet and used my research skills to find a low cost efficient cure from nature or house hold ingredients.

I found one that said apple cider vinegar I had done that already so I knew that was not going to kill them maybe repel them and soften her hair as a conditioner.

I also found lemon juice but it didn't strike me as an ingredient that would do the trick because of its similarity to apple cider vinegar; believe me though I would have been happy to try it but I had ran out and bills were due.

Then I searched some more and found that many people had had success with coconut oil rubbed into their dogs fur or given to them by mouth.  I decided that because of all of the health benefits that I had heard of from coconut oil that I could sacrifice my small container of yummy pure coconut oil to help and heal my poor dog. It may not work, I told myself, but at least she would feel better on her sore body.

So I started at the top of her head and went to the bottom of her tail then I started on her chin and went to the hind area. After that I started seeing some paralyzed fleas I decided to start on her stomach sides and then I hit the legs because I saw them hiding there. When I started putting it on my dogs legs she was so happy about that; she was licking it off just about as fast as I could get it on. I just had to laugh because now she had some on her inside too. Yeah!

The next day I checked her for fleas and there are zilch - non- nada! I couldn't believe it I tried looking in various places where they like to hide and there was not one measly flea. Hurrah for coconut oil as a flea killer! I will now recommend it one hundred percent!

How to apply the Coconut oil:

1. Get a spoon and fill it with coconut oil I used a large one so I could just take a bit out at a time just keep it hidden from your dog and if you have a larger dog like we do you may need a partner to help with turning your pet or getting them to remain lying down.

2. From the Head to the tail. Take teaspoon amount and rub it between your hands when it melts then massage it into your dogs fur until it gets down through the hair to the skin.

3. Next repeat step one and two until your dog is covered from the neck to the hind parts. The sides of the dog, the legs and paws and the ears.

Let me know if you try this and when what happens with your animals flea problem.

This is the oil we used.

This is the dog trying to eat the oil and licking the spoon.

Here she is posing real nice for her picture.
One happy, content dog!

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