Friday, December 30, 2016

Lots of Sourcing

What is sourcing?

Searching for the best deals so that you can add items to your Ebay store and hopefully make money.

There are many places that you can source to add inventory to your Ebay store:

1. Thrift stores usually stores that take in other people's cast offs. These are great but you really need to know your brands. Do your homework!

2. Resale stores (usually higher end brands and higher prices) Shop here when there are sales. One of my favorites has weekly side walk sales.

3. Garage sales. In the summer these are great! If you can hit a whole lot of these they can keep you going into the next seasons.

4. Close out stores. (like Ross, Marshals and T.J. Max for example) Take your phone and scan the price tags for shoes and clothes and such that would be worth you time and money. I wouldn't buy anything that you wouldn't at least double your money back.

5. Any retail store when they have clearance or sales. Although you must check on Ebay first to see if the item is worth reselling, many times they are not. The sale needs to be a high percentage off the original price!

6. Library book sales! I love finding some great books to resale. The kids like to read some of them before they are sold. Win Win situation!

7. Give aways. Check craig's list and your friendly neighborhood for people who are setting out unwanted items at the curb. Make sure they are free for the taking and then load up. We have found some great stuff although sometimes they need to be cleaned of course. Some we keep some we sell.

We have been getting in on a lot of sourcing now that the Christmas rush is over so that we can stock up the store. This is the best season for selling on Ebay and I want to fill the store with great items so that our income can go up and we can be closer to having Daddy home to work with us! We have found some great items. Clothes and stuffed animals and books. God is good! I only list the best items that I find for my customers and make sure they are in tip top condition so that the amount of returns are limited.  Of course there will always be the few that return because of fit or accidental ordering etc. but for the most part there are not many returns. Also I try to pack super well so that there is no chance of breakage. No one wants to find their item in a bunch of pieces.

The Zildren:
Lately I have been trying to take the kids with me on the sourcing trips because of the Holidays. They did a really good job looking for great finds. I will reward them if they find something good that will be a good seller. So they are eager to find a good seller. Almost too eager at times. lol 😉 We have a good time while we are out. And I can get them to do their chores pretty good before we leave.

We love getting out of the house and seeing new items and new faces. Its loads of fun but also pretty tiring at the end of the day because there is always photo shoot and listing to do plus cooking dinner and doing laundry and anything else that needs to be done. Yet it feels good to do what you love!

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