Friday, October 14, 2016

Combining Subjects

In some subjects I strive to combine more than one subject to streamline our day and our time.
One of these is in History. For History I make the kids study an event in History by reading a book in our History section of readers and then the next day they write a report. By writing a report they are practicing their literary skills, English grammar skills and writing skills while solidifying their History knowledge as well. Each child has a different level of writing skill and reading skill so they end up helping each other as well.

For fun I like to look up one of their events on you tube and help bring to life the time period with an educational film on the subject. There are all kinds of other things that you can do like art or arts and crafts to go along with your subject as well.

Here is a great web site that I found in conjunction to writing reports. I hope it helps someone! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Its All In The Family

The other day Nora and I went to a estate sale down the street and she picked up some old Disney post cards and showed them to me. I was thinking those might sell on Ebay. So I asked how much they wanted for them and it wasn't much so I snagged them. She did good that day and we will see how they go.

Don't be afraid to bring your other family members into the biz. The many eyes are better than the one and sometimes can save you time and make you more money. Mind you I find it better to take one child than the whole bunch but sometimes I have no choice because we are all going to somewhere when I find a sale to stop at.

Then my other child Zeke made a purchase of his own that we tried out in front of the house and flipped that for a good price. He likes making a profit as well. All of my kids are fellow sales persons in fact. They are all looking for ways to make money some with plants some with Lemonade and some with rocks even.

Its a fun way to by the little extras that kids are always wanting that just isn't in the budget. Its also educational because just about all of the seven have good money counting skills. Just the other day the thrift store was asking one of my youngest to recount out the money to her. She was enjoying his skills.

These are a few of the fun things we have done to provide a few little fun extras. Thanks Zildren!

Do you see our new backdrop? Its better because there are less noticeable shadows.

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