Monday, August 22, 2016

Large Family Organizing In a Not So Large House

Lately I have been on an organizing push. I have been organizing just about everything. Right now as I write the girls are organizing our book shelves for school use by subject. This will help me when assigning reading books. I hope this post will offer you ideas in making a small space work for a large family or just any family that has limited space.

This post was inspired by Pinterest perusing! Lol Feel free to follow us there and find some more neat ideas.

What all we have done:

1. The White Pantry Refrigerator

We got an extra refrigerator that didn't last very long. Instead of using it for a refrigerator I now have it organized for a storage frig or an extra pantry option for our large family.

Now it stores our cereals, bread, tortillas, boxed mixes and pastas, dog food in one drawer and chicken/bird food in the the other drawer. Which is easy to scoop out and keeps out bugs and such.
I also labeled each area with some outdated business cards that I had and now everything can stay in its place better when the kids are helping me put things away.

I just realized that Pinterest had this idea as well and my idea wasn't a one of a kind :( Oh well.

2. The girls purses, scarves and belts, etc. Found these ideas on Pinterest. 

My girls need space so this really helped a lot.

3. My bedroom closet. 

*There I made a small hanger with shower hooks on it for my undershirts. (Found that idea on Pinterest.)
* I made an extra skirt hanger by wiring up some plastic skirt hangers (it didn't look pretty so I didn't show you but it did exactly what I needed it to do) so that I could have a place for all of my skirts and hung them in a better location.
*I arranged my husbands work clothes in some cloth organizing shelves that hang and now most everything is off my floor in there.
*With the help of my tall son we relocated some winter jackets to the top of the closet until my husband needs them and also some winter clothing that I wanted to wait on.
*I used an old D.V.D. wire shelving unit screwed into the wall horizontally to store my scarves in and on top I stacked my DVD's I don't have many anyway. All of that is behind my Jackets in the closet like a secret compartment. I thought it was kind of a fun element.

4. Ebay central - that's what I affectionately call it :) 

*I went through and put a lot of items in clear bags and I added new boxes and took away a lot of items that were not selling.

*We got rid of our old couches that were in bad condition and opted for more ebay space because right now I really don't have the funds for an ebay building or storage. We are working up to that some day. Lord willing!

*we added a bin for the things we are listing right next to our listing table and photo area.

*we also added some Bible posters (from some old calenders that a friends gave us) to my space so that I could remind myself and the zildren that Christ was supposed to be first and foremost in my life!

Soon, I want to do some more but I think I am coming down with a little something that I have to nip in the bud. So tata for now and I hope this gives you some ideas on ways that you can organize your house or work or both.

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