Monday, August 29, 2016

A Day In The Life Of Our Homeschool

Homeschooling this year is a lot easier for us now that Ebay selling has afforded us a new printer and copier in one by Brother. We chose the monochrome unit because it saves us a lot of money on toner. We can reduce our costs even more by buying through Ebay and choosing an off brand and a cartridge with high yield.

Our School Day!

Monday- Subjects are Bible, Math, Reading and Music and Break Time Coloring Pages

First, I find the children's worksheet pages for the day. The way I do this is to go to my and look for the tab at the top that says free homeschooling.

Then after the children wake up and get their cereal ate I pray and have my oldest read a chapter of the bible to us. If anyone is late to the table they have to do some extra writing of a passage.

1. After that, I have all of their Math and music and coloring pages ready for them in a box with their answer sheets in a folder so that they can grade their papers when they are finished. They leave their pencil in the cup and use a red grading pencil for their work and then they can take their pencil when they are finished grading their work. (for those who want them we have math manipulatives/counters made from items around the house that we keep in a metal tin)

2. Then it is Break Time and the kids can do their adult coloring pages or whatever I have for them.

3. For Reading we have assigned reading for the 3 oldest ones and either 5 small readers for the younger ones or one larger full sized book. This lasts for as long as it takes to finish what they have out.

4. Music is an easy piano song from the folder that the student will take and start marking out the notes on the page and start learning that on the piano.

That is just Monday each day we build upon that day and add another subject. Some days we have video learning from you tube and some days we have interactive to drive home a concept in Math or reading. Also there are movies that talk about certain subjects in history and there are field trips that work well with what subjects we are covering it all adds up to a more rounded educational experience.  We try our best to keep up with everything that we have worked on in a binder or folder but we are still learning in that area. So we are searching for the best system for our budget.

Today instead of coloring break we had an action for 15 minutes or so. During auction we auction off whatever has been left in the floor for the kids to try to win back from their brothers and sisters by doing a simple chore. We are trying this to try to eliminate the bad habit of leaving things in the floor.

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