Monday, August 29, 2016

A Day In The Life Of Our Homeschool

Homeschooling this year is a lot easier for us now that Ebay selling has afforded us a new printer and copier in one by Brother. We chose the monochrome unit because it saves us a lot of money on toner. We can reduce our costs even more by buying through Ebay and choosing an off brand and a cartridge with high yield.

Our School Day!

Monday- Subjects are Bible, Math, Reading and Music and Break Time Coloring Pages

First, I find the children's worksheet pages for the day. The way I do this is to go to my and look for the tab at the top that says free homeschooling.

Then after the children wake up and get their cereal ate I pray and have my oldest read a chapter of the bible to us. If anyone is late to the table they have to do some extra writing of a passage.

1. After that, I have all of their Math and music and coloring pages ready for them in a box with their answer sheets in a folder so that they can grade their papers when they are finished. They leave their pencil in the cup and use a red grading pencil for their work and then they can take their pencil when they are finished grading their work. (for those who want them we have math manipulatives/counters made from items around the house that we keep in a metal tin)

2. Then it is Break Time and the kids can do their adult coloring pages or whatever I have for them.

3. For Reading we have assigned reading for the 3 oldest ones and either 5 small readers for the younger ones or one larger full sized book. This lasts for as long as it takes to finish what they have out.

4. Music is an easy piano song from the folder that the student will take and start marking out the notes on the page and start learning that on the piano.

That is just Monday each day we build upon that day and add another subject. Some days we have video learning from you tube and some days we have interactive to drive home a concept in Math or reading. Also there are movies that talk about certain subjects in history and there are field trips that work well with what subjects we are covering it all adds up to a more rounded educational experience.  We try our best to keep up with everything that we have worked on in a binder or folder but we are still learning in that area. So we are searching for the best system for our budget.

Today instead of coloring break we had an action for 15 minutes or so. During auction we auction off whatever has been left in the floor for the kids to try to win back from their brothers and sisters by doing a simple chore. We are trying this to try to eliminate the bad habit of leaving things in the floor.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Large Family Organizing In a Not So Large House

Lately I have been on an organizing push. I have been organizing just about everything. Right now as I write the girls are organizing our book shelves for school use by subject. This will help me when assigning reading books. I hope this post will offer you ideas in making a small space work for a large family or just any family that has limited space.

This post was inspired by Pinterest perusing! Lol Feel free to follow us there and find some more neat ideas.

What all we have done:

1. The White Pantry Refrigerator

We got an extra refrigerator that didn't last very long. Instead of using it for a refrigerator I now have it organized for a storage frig or an extra pantry option for our large family.

Now it stores our cereals, bread, tortillas, boxed mixes and pastas, dog food in one drawer and chicken/bird food in the the other drawer. Which is easy to scoop out and keeps out bugs and such.
I also labeled each area with some outdated business cards that I had and now everything can stay in its place better when the kids are helping me put things away.

I just realized that Pinterest had this idea as well and my idea wasn't a one of a kind :( Oh well.

2. The girls purses, scarves and belts, etc. Found these ideas on Pinterest. 

My girls need space so this really helped a lot.

3. My bedroom closet. 

*There I made a small hanger with shower hooks on it for my undershirts. (Found that idea on Pinterest.)
* I made an extra skirt hanger by wiring up some plastic skirt hangers (it didn't look pretty so I didn't show you but it did exactly what I needed it to do) so that I could have a place for all of my skirts and hung them in a better location.
*I arranged my husbands work clothes in some cloth organizing shelves that hang and now most everything is off my floor in there.
*With the help of my tall son we relocated some winter jackets to the top of the closet until my husband needs them and also some winter clothing that I wanted to wait on.
*I used an old D.V.D. wire shelving unit screwed into the wall horizontally to store my scarves in and on top I stacked my DVD's I don't have many anyway. All of that is behind my Jackets in the closet like a secret compartment. I thought it was kind of a fun element.

4. Ebay central - that's what I affectionately call it :) 

*I went through and put a lot of items in clear bags and I added new boxes and took away a lot of items that were not selling.

*We got rid of our old couches that were in bad condition and opted for more ebay space because right now I really don't have the funds for an ebay building or storage. We are working up to that some day. Lord willing!

*we added a bin for the things we are listing right next to our listing table and photo area.

*we also added some Bible posters (from some old calenders that a friends gave us) to my space so that I could remind myself and the zildren that Christ was supposed to be first and foremost in my life!

Soon, I want to do some more but I think I am coming down with a little something that I have to nip in the bud. So tata for now and I hope this gives you some ideas on ways that you can organize your house or work or both.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's Homeschool Time!

This is a post about what I have in my store available for homeschoolers. If you are not a homeschooler or already have your supplies then please share this post so that it can be a blessing to someone else and to our family.

We are not starting homeschool yet maybe in a week or so. I have to order some materials yet. Right now I am saving up for that purchase. A sweet relative of ours is going to get our school supplies office items etc.  We are very thankful for her doing that. It is something that she gets a blessing from each year.

If you are interested in curriculum, here is what we have in our store for you to choose from. Just click on the picture below!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Quick Yeast Bread

                           The kids wanted me to braid this one so that they could help me.
                                                This picture was while it was rising.

1 cup and 2 tbls. of warm water
1/3 cup of oil
2 tbls. of dry yeast
1/4 cup of honey
1 1/2 tsp. of salt
1 egg
3 1/2 cups of flour

What tools you will need:

2 bowls one large and one medium
Casserole dish or cookie sheet
Something to render the dish non-stick (spray or butter and flour etc.)


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2. Whisk together your yeast combination of water (1 cup and 2 tbls. )  oil and honey  in the smaller bowl and allow to set n a warm location for 15 minutes until it starts to bubble some.

3. Meanwhile Mix your dry ingredients together plus the egg and set that aside for the rest of the 15 minutes is up on the yeast mixture.

4. Prepare your pan for the loaf of bread and your surface for a quick one minute knead with a sprinkling of flour.

5. Ding your timer has rung so add your two bowls together and mix gently with a wooden spoon.

6. Knead the dough and form into a loaf

7. Allow them to rise for 10 minutes.

8. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Happy Baking!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Tools For Ebay

I haven't really wrote any new posts on the process of selling on Ebay lately so I thought I would share a little of the things that I have learned or started doing lately.

Here Is A Throw Back Picture we can no longer fit in this tub!

Her's another with dry ice!

1. Clear Bags

Reasons for using:
a. easier to see what you are looking for, easy to find
b. more can fit into a storage bin
c. it looks more professional

2. The web site

a. great looking backgrounds
b. better pictures
c. more sales

3. Nice Long Table with Yard stick Taped On.

a. great for taking pictures of small items
b. great for measuring everything
c. great for storing things under.

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