Friday, July 22, 2016

God Is Good!

Sometimes it seems like everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Do you ever get that feeling? Like you just need something to give or you are just going to come apart at the seems or break down and cry or give up.

broken washers
broken dryers
feeling bad
messy house

When I know that I can't fix my problems then I have a solution. My God is bigger than any problem and can deal with all of those issues and problems that just won't be or can't be solved by this mere human.

My life is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the big picture so I know for it to be truly worth something I have to let God make the best of it! I can't just do the best I can and leave it alone. I have to do the best I can and take it all to my loving father who can do exceedingly above what we think or ask and He can pour His Holy Spirit into it and heal and forgive and work in an amazing way to make himself known and to bless the little bit that I have.

Wow God is Good! What do you think is God Good to you even in the bad times or tough times? Please share your testimony or grace and praise the Lord in the blog comments so that we can all rejoice with you!

By the way I still have a lot of my list but I can see God's hand anyway!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Some Of My Favorite Things #6

I had my two twinkies home with me while the other 5 were at church day camp and we had a lot of fun last week and didn't get to make this post. So here we are back at it again! Please click on the pictures to access the listings on ebay. These sales will help our family stay afloat and prosper. Thank you. If you would like to visit our store just click >

1. I really liked this orangy pinky ruffled blouse!

2. I really loved picking this one up. It was so cute and I was excited to find it while having a great time with my 3 girls!

3. This was a fun skirt with the best color ever. Green is my favorite! Just love those large polka dots.

4. She is a beauty!

5. Her twin sister is also amazing!

6. This polo is a neat one it has that faded look and is a hawaiian print as well.

7. I liked this shrug but it was too small for me.

8. This kids and I have started making earrings and it has been a lot of fun!

9. Here is the butterfly ones.

10. These are the key earrings. I have these listed in buy it now as well and there are a few more different kinds as well. Check them out in my store:

11. I loved these herb salad plates. Herbs are my thing! I have several different ones listed.

12. These boots are really neat and are so soft. They have a lot going on buckles and zipper and laces. If you are a great shoe shiner these could be great again!


This post was a little longer than my previous ones but that is because I missed one. Take care my friends and check back often for more "goings on".

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Some Of My Favorite Things #5

I try to make this post every week to highlight some of the many items in our store. These are all items from my store on ebay called feeding9onadime. If you would like to consider purchasing any of these items or another item in my store just click on the picture and go to the link. To see my whole store click here:

1. God was good to point out these shoes to me. They are just beautiful!

2. Another great pair of shoes that I found!

3. This little guy was really cute and antique as well. I just love interesting antiques and my children love them too. We go into the antique store and they love the experience almost as much as I do.

4. Travel Desk Set Office Organizer

5. A Bee-utiful Hair Clip made by my girls and I.


6. Butterfly Steampunk and Bead Hair Clip.

7.A great polo with Caribbean theme.

That's all for this week although there were many more great finds. Please look over our store and see if there is anything that you might want or consider. If you need extra measurements let me know and don't be afraid to make me an offer the most that could happen is that you might get a discount on the price.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Victor

We have been practicing praying more as a family over current concerns of our household. We pray over the children's personal concerns and for their financial needs as well as things that concern the whole family.

One thing that has concerned us all is the fact that we have a rat problem. Ick yuck ew. Yes, I admit it but don't tell anyone. Ha ha. We first had these critters because they like the creek behind our house and they like our chicken's feed. So now they like our house.

We have declared war and my dear hubby went out and bought the ultimate e-RAT-icator. It works so well I just had to tell everyone about it! But don't get the mouse one it will not help you with those larger rodents. The rat trap will kill both rats and mice.

The Victor only works if you pray hard as a family though. We went without catching a rat for a couple of days of missing prayer. Oh, I know it is true! AS soon as we gathered the zildren around and then got into our comfy beds; I heard a little zap sound and we ran to the victor trap. Sure enough there was a very large RAT down for the count!

Needless to say I am very happy with the results and we are going to keep it around. We can't get a cat because our sweet dog Hannah (who also kills rats) likes cats for meals:) So this is the next best thing and a lot cleaner. I don't even have to touch those nasty creatures.

Let me know if you have ever used one of these or if you decide to and it helps please drop me a line and let me know. God is good!

To order click on this link The Victor Rat Trap this will help our family. Thanks

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