Friday, April 22, 2016

Hardships and Blessings

Hello friends and family,

This is a little note to let you know how I have been doing. I have not been playing the piano or writing a lot on the computer or doing a lot of house work for a little less than a month. The journey has been a hard one with tears shed and lots of hugs given by my family and close church friends. These last two weeks my children, husband and then the last week myself have all had a terrible virus that blew us off our feet. I feel like God sent this sickness to make sure I had more down time and didn't push myself too much and make things worse. I'm going to take my time writing this because even writing a letter can cause a fare up.
I have now started to play the piano again on Sunday mornings to see how that works out. I am going to try a new chiropractor that uses a different methodology. My friend from church seems to be convinced that is what I need, so we will give it a try.
Recently, a former school teacher has offered to help us with our schooling and that has been a huge blessing. The kids just love her and its been such a help to this ailing mother. Bless the LORD for sending her!
We had to get a push mower our other riding lawn mower broke and we are so happy to have the push mower to cut down this jungle. Little by little we will get that done.
Ebay is still going and we are adding things one at a time. We have picked up sales a little since we got the new store. I just need to get more merchandise so that more things can get sold. It takes time and effort and I have just a little of that right now. Friends from church brought two suppers and that was a great help and received with thanksgiving. Also the lady that helps us with our school helped us get caught up on our laundry. I know that she will receive all kinds of rewards in heaven for her love for this family.
I need to figure out a new configuration for my closet so that I can reach the hanging bars easier but that is for another blog. Pray about that and fixing our new dryer that got injured during installation! Thank you very much. God Bless!

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Joyful said...

Aw sorry to hear you haven't been well. That's been the story of my life too since the New Year. I'm so glad that you are blessed by many helpers. God will surely reward them for their love and care. Hugs. xx

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