Friday, January 22, 2016

Why Do I Ebay?

For all those out there who wonder what would possess me to spend so much of my valuable time doing eBay; here are some of my top reasons. click to tweet
  { A special thanks to all of the people out there who have brought us your hand me downs or cast offs and to those who have showed us some really good deals or offered to us some left overs that they were not able to utilize. God Bless you for thanking of us. We appreciate how you care! We used what we can for our family and passed on the others to friends and sold the rest which also benefited our family in some way.}
#1   To provide a quality Christian education to my 7 children.
I have such a desire to provide my children with better materials with which to study and learn from. Most of my curriculum is free and a lot is very good but I would like to order some special math curriculum and some other books that I think will be great for the kids.

#2   To provide money to do special projects for others.
I was able to buy a few Christmas and Birthday presents that I would otherwise not have been able to do this year. They weren't big buck gifts but they were something to say that I cared!

#3 To bring my husband home to work out of the house and be around the kids more. There is just so little time for my dear husband to spend with all of the children that we feel the loss. I want to bring him home so that he can be more a part of the children's lives and share more with them what he knows. He has so much that he could teach them. Plus, the character that he has needs to be passes down, so that they can grow up to be a great Man or Lady because of his influence!

Those are the main focus that I have right now. Please pray with our family that this is possible. So far we have been able to do #2 but are working on #1 and #3.

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Gifts from ebay

My wonderful husband teaching his Sunday school class.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vegetarian Cabbage Stew That Doesn't Stink While Cooking!

Cabbage has certain chemicals that stink when you cook them, or rather when you cook them too long, that is. Because of that I developed a base recipe so that you can cook everything else first! This soup or stew is as easy as one two three!

Cabbage Stew: (this is kind of like a dump cake or meat loaf)


Step 1
4 to 6 cups of water
2 or 3 table spoons of oil of your choice ( I just use vegetable oil most of the time)
2 cans of stew tomatoes
Seasoning of your choice- plus a healthy dose of sea salt
(I have even used powdered spaghetti sauce for this)
Chop up any vegetables that you have around the house and throw them in. (I used carrots and potatoes and onions because that is what we had)
Let all of this cook for about 15 minutes on high or medium high at a boil.

Step 2
At this point check your other vegetables for to see if they are done by putting your fork in them. If the fork breaks them open super easy then they are done and you can add your sliced cabbage to the pot. This is also the time to add any noodles or garlic so that it doesn't over cook.

Step 3
Cook for only 10 minutes for green cabbage and 15 minutes for purple. If you over cook the cabbage it will stink. So set your timer!

Cool the stew in your bowls for a few minutes, pray and eat!

Let me know how yours turns out!

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