Friday, November 13, 2015

Learning, Learning, Learning on Ebay

I have had to learn some majorly important things for selling on Ebay. You don't instantly wake up with amazing sales without learning a whole lot of things. Here are some key points that you must know to succeed!
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1. Inexpensive but excellent shipping practices. (see videos and links below for explanations)

a. Tyvek mailing bags that you get for free from are your friend. You can make priority work for you by making your tyvek larger.
b. Priority boxes that you get for free from the post office can be lengthened with another of the same box-just NOT the flat rate ones. They also have to be the same size. These are called Frankenboxes.
c. You can make just about any brown shipping box into a priority box on ebay with your shipping label and selecting Priority Shipping.
d. Wrap everything that you ship in a packing material of some kind. I look around and let my friends know that I am looking for shipping materials to recycle. So far that has worked out great!
e. Shorten boxes that have too much space in them to avoid paying for extra box weight! Just cut off the flaps and make new slits in the corners of the box for new flaps and fold.
f. If you do have extra space you need to fill so that nothing bumps around so use Styrofoam. I can never score free Styrofoam so I get my kids to cut up what Styrofoam that we come across into small chunks. Then I put that into those plastic grocery bags or small white trash bags so that the little white pieces of Styrofoam are not everywhere when they open the box. You can also fill boxes with paper or large bubble wrap.
g. You can cover things that you sell in file folders or cereal boxes etc. and protect that way with less weight.

2. Don't sell things that are dollar items or two dollar items by themselves. This will drive down your profits and limit the amount of items that you are able to list. Group those items together and list them as an auction but start out at the absolute lowest price you are willing to take on the items or close to it!

Tyvek bags to wrap with!
Frankenboxes (its a little long but stick with him and it gets better)

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Let me know if any of this was a help!

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