Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ice Cream Cake


2 brownie mixes
1 chocolate boxed ice cream
1 vanilla ice cream
1 bottle of Smuckers hardening chocolate topping
1 package of birthday Oreo's

1. Bake your brownie mixes in one rectangle pan.
2. Leave your box of chocolate ice cream out for a little while and then take a large knife and cut it in half so there are two rectangles.
3. Lay them on top of a cooled brownie cake side by side or you could layer them if you wish.
4. Take your box of vanilla ice cream out to thaw. This will be your icing.
5. Take some of your oreo's and make a layer of them on top of the ice cream. Then put this all into the freezer while you do the next step.
6.  Remove your vanilla ice cream from the box and put it into a large mixing bowel and beat with an electric mixer before it is totally thawed.
7. Bring out your cake from the freezer and take a rubber spatula and spread it onto your cake covering your cookies.
8. Chill the cake again if the icing is runny.
9. Put the remaining cookies around your cake at the bottom.
10. Drizzle the chocolate topping over the top of the cake allowing it to drip over the edges.
12. Add candles if you wish. We added our candles then put the topping.

Let me know if you try it please!

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Fall Happenings

We have had three birthdays lately and are going toward our fourth. I have made three cakes and one of them was my very first attempt at making an ice cream cake. It was a hit; you can't go wrong with ice cream.

We have also been enjoying visits from our bird friends who like to come and eat off our sunflower plants. The plants don't look so pretty anymore but the birds enjoy their rest and a great healthy snack. The sunflower seeds were a bit small for me to remove but the birds did a great job of it.

Birthday Girl!

This is my first ice cream cake does anyone want the recipe?

Mmmmm good! 

Gifts From Nana

Putting On The Sprinkles

So pretty!

I think this is the black and yellow Silky Flycatcher.

Upside Down Talent!

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