Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How To Lay A Sleeping Baby Down Without Waking Him Up!

With my first child it was pretty quiet there were not 6 other children to make noise on a regular basis so nap time was quiet time. That was all well and good until your baby was sleeping in your arms and you had to answer the call of nature or something randomly decided to fall or the phone rang or any number of things happened. It was really bad when it was everyone's sleep time and something made a noise. The floor creaked when you decided to get a snack, the neighbors next door decided to have a loud party, or you just decided to put the child down because he was finished nursing and made too much noise or maybe jostled him a bit too much. What can be done, how can this stress be eliminated or at least lessened?

My sweet sleeping Nora

  • Allow noise in your home. Good Christian music, lullabies,  the television, the Bible on audio or even DVD, recordings of children singing. Don't make people tip toe around. talk at a normal tone of voice even while the child is nodding off to sleep. All of these behaviors are learned. Its ok to wind down with your baby. To give them a warm bath or read to them but don't get super quiet in your tone. Reading slower and slower helps but don't adjust your tone. You are training your child to have silence; and this is just impractical in most homes. 
  • The second thing you need to do is to talk to your child when they fall asleep in your arms and you need to move them to another place. Just talk softly to your child without saying their name (people normally respond to their name) and tell them that you are getting up and walking to the bedroom so that you can lay them down (or wherever you want to lay them) continue to tell them that until the move is completely made and then say a prayer for them to stay asleep and be happy and healthy because this isn't fool proof. Keep at it until this is learned. 
  • Try a sleep aid. Lavender is a great essential oil and there are even lavender bath soaps and lotions with lavender in them. Dropping some of the oil onto their bed or making a sachet out of lavender flowers is also good. When my children were young I would make them a baby powder out of corn starch and enough drops of lavender essential oil to make a great smell. It was wonderful. I wish I had some now. Try it and you will see. 
  • The Prairie Homestead has a post about other oils that will help bring sleep as well. A post at ElemenoPkids is a great idea for toddlers wind down time as well. You might try this when you have to get the baby to sleep or babies and you have an older child that needs to go to sleep as well. Here is another great read for using oils to relax and put you to sleep.

My sweet sleeping Loty.

Let me know if any of this makes since to you and if it helps. Thanks!

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