Friday, August 28, 2015

How to Use Social Media And Hashtags To Bring Traffic To Your Ebay Listings

Its so hard to believe that I am actually choosing to learn how to use hashtags. I didn't think I would ever have a use for them. I thought they were only a fad or something funny; and for some that is all they are. For others, hashtags are there for them to organize their twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram and pinterest feeds if not more. It was first started and perfected at twitter therefore twitter is the best way to use them in business.

Photo by Sujin Jetkasettakorn

What is a hashtag? (for the social media challenged)

A hashtag is a number or pound sign followed by words that do not have a space between them. You can capitalize a letter for separation but it is not necessary. Here are some for you: #vintagecollectibles #coffeecups #ChristmasBearCollectible #DanDee

How to use them for eBay listings!

To use them after you have listed an item on eBay you click on your listing and then look up in the right hand corner and you will see the social media icons. Now if you have any of these media like facebook or twitter or pinterest then just click on the icon and it will bring up a small discription of your item with a picture. Click right above it and you can add a message to go along with that. In the message you could say something like, "Are you a collector?" or "Please share with your owl loving friends", then add a hashtag that is relevant like #owlfigurines

You can do the same with twitter but just add the hashtag at the end of that one.

With pinterest you need to create a board that is relevant to what you are selling like "Owls" and then just pin and you are done. After you have finished all of this you will notice that your views have dramatically gone up! Congrats!

Please let me know if this is helpful to you below in the comments.

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