Friday, August 14, 2015

3 Important Tools You Need for eBay

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1. A shipping scale that reads from under a pound to above one hundred.  If you don't you will not know how many pounds to click into the listing form and you will end up paying more for shipping than you anticipated. This is not good on the slim budget. Hmmmm. Was I speaking from experience here you may ask? Just trust me get one.

I found out that I could get one on an auction pretty cheap if I just watched a bunch of them and waited until there was a good deal and then I put my bid in at the last 5 seconds. Easy breezy! Try it and you will see. What you have to do is, (if you are new to bidding) just type your final bid in the bid slot then wait until the last few seconds and press the confirm bid.

2. A high resolution digital camera! I don't know where you want to get yours but we found ours some years back at Walmart on sale. I understand that eBay has a lot of camera deals as well, so you might be about to pick yourself and your family one there as well. Do your research and find out what you can get for a good price.

Now if your current cell phone takes excellent pictures you can start with that but my starting pictures were awful with my cel phone. I don't know what it is maybe all of the damage it has gone through over the years. Oh well. My other camera is great!  I just wish it was less back and forth with the card and the camera but for now it is a life saver, slowly but surely I am getting all of my pictures updated.

3. Good Lighting for pictures is also a must! Go for the natural daylight bulbs in your light boxes or go outside in the morning when there is good lighting and snap your pictures then. My husband is making me a super duper, light box set up but that will take him a little time. I will try to share that with you when he is finished with all of his upgrades.

This is not an all inclusive list but a must have list. Let me know your suggestions in the comments below. God Bless!

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