Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There Is A Special Room!

This morning during our breakfast devotions. I talked to the kids about a special room. So I thought I would tell you about our conversation, because they all wanted to go in there and stay a while after I told them about it!

       “Corridor Of White Empty Interior”

                   by Sira Anamwong

To them It was an imaginary room that they thought didn't exist......

"What if there was this special room that you could go into and God would talk directly to you in there. You could go in there and God would give you something special, just for you that would help you through the day?"

"Would you be noisy and laugh and cut up and even talk when God was talking?"

"Would you ignore God and play with your toys."

"Would you God in, here God talking and walk out when he was mid sentence?"

"Would you be quiet and listen really close to what God was saying so that you didn't miss a word?"

"There is a place like this! Yes, as soon as you open your Bible and pray God's Holy Spirit comes to sit with you and teach you and give you something special just for you."

Right after we had this conversation we prayed for a family that we have had on our hearts. I told the children that we should continue to pray for this family every time that God brought them to our minds. We made an agreement to do this and then we opened our Bible to read what God had for us. I chose to read from Job because it was in my daily bible reading scriptures and we have been going through a lot of trials lately. I told the kids to be waiting for the nugget that God was going to give us from the bible today and guess what.... it happened!!! but even more miraculously than I had expected. We read these words...

Job 42
10 And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: 

 I didn't know what was going to be in that particular chapter of Job. No way did I plan any of this I just decided to have a devotion for the kids this morning because we needed it! I love it when God speaks and there is no doubt He was listening to you and what you were going through and that he cares! So many times we read our Bibles and don't expect God to speak directly to us, but he can and he will if we let him. Your heart needs to be in a place where he can mold it.

We can't be dictating to God how your day will be and asking God to somehow bless it after the fact. We all do this in little or big ways. Instead we need to open up God's word in a holy and reverent way allowing God to speak and for us to listen. Sometimes we have a lot to tell God and to ask for but we also need to just be still and listen, waiting for Him to give us something to grow on.

I hope this is a blessing to someone today to just take some time out and listen!

                                                                       Mrs.Jenifer Harrod

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