Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Year Round Eggs

I was searching for answers to how to make my chickens produce more eggs and what I was doing wrong. I came across some information on this subject and wanted to share what is working for me; and when I mean working I mean really working. I had some chickens gifted to me that have never lain any eggs since I got them but now every one of my hens are laying eggs and I am tickled pink!

This is what you will NOT need:

light in the coop
special high priced food
new chickens every year
a special breed

What you WILL need:

1. (during cooler temperatures) whole corn (deer corn)  in the morning and evening or whenever you can get it in (one cup per 8 to 10 chickens) I usually feed my girls two cups every morning. We have ten hens and three roosters.

2. (hotter temperatures) whole oats (same amount as the corn)

3. Also layer crumbles available during the day in a self feeding feeder all year round!

Of course I also treat them with meal worms from my worm drawers. This may help cut down on how much feed they use. It took me about two or three weeks to see all of my hens producing. I also had to arrange my feeder in such a way that the hens wouldn't spread the food all over the ground so much I set it down into an old wheel that my husband had and it seems to be working well for us now. Not so much waste. So you see it is as easy as one to three! I just had to write that. Let me know if you try this I would love to hear if anyone else uses this method.

I have something like this for gathering my eggs. If you click on the link you can find one at

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