Friday, January 9, 2015

Cayenne's Winter Secret

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I have been doing lots of research on the powers of cayenne pepper. It is good for so many things. Today though I would like to tell you how we are using it. It is really cold here for Texas. It has been freezing for a couple days and now it is sleeting and raining so I wanted to give the chickens some extra heat. But how to do that without running up the electricity bill. Hmmmmmmmm........

You guessed it I used good old faithful. Cayenne and chickens get along quite well. It doesn't bother their tongues or tastebuds because they are immune to its heat in their mouths. But it stands to reason that it would still be beneficial in their bodies for heat so that is what I am doing and praying that it will give them some extra comfort this winter. I poured some powder on their food and some red pepper flakes on there as well.

Cayenne is used in people also, to keep their extremities warm in the winter. I don't see why the animals couldn't benefit from this heat.  Some people even rub it on their feet. Maybe dairy farmers could appreciate this. What do you think?

Cayenne is also good for:


stomach ulcers
headache relief
stop bleeding 


egg production

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