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Instructions On How To Make Homemade Gingerale

Homemade Gingerale is a lot like making sourdough from scratch: you have to have a starter or in this case, a "Ginger Bug."

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I like to make a nice big batch of it when I make it; enough to make at least a 2 liter bottle full of soda when I am finished. So I start out with more of a bug than other folks.

Ginger Bug:

2 (3 days so 6 total) tablespoons Ginger Root
2 cups Purified Water
2 (3 days so 6 total) tablespoons Sugar (sugar feeds the bug and turns into probiotics)
Coffee filter or paper towel and rubber band for covering. (it needs air)

1. First get a clean glass container and use only wood or plastic to stir or add ingredients with because that will insure that the probiotics remain alive.
2. Then slice up 2 tablespoons of ginger root and add then to the glass. Then you must use purified water without chlorine added.
3. Add to that 2 tablespoons of table sugar or turbinado sugar. If you use table sugar add a twist of sea salt or shake for the mineral content. You can also add a little molasses for that as well if you have some handy.
4. Stir that up well with a wooden spoon or a plastic something. Sometimes I just use a clean straw. Leave in a warmer part of your kitchen to sit with a coffee filter or paper towel on top. You could also use cheese cloth if you have it handy. I leave it on top of my refrigerator because heat rises.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 every day for 3 days or so until there is a little bubbly froth on top then you know it is ready.

Gingerale Soda:

Purified water
1 tablespoon sliced Ginger or more if you like.
1/3 c. to 1/2 c. of sugar
Plastic Funnel
Cleaned 2 liter plastic bottle

1. With clean hands strain the Ginger Bug into your 2 liter plastic bottle.
2. Add your sugar through your funnel.
3. Fill with purified water until the bend at the neck of your bottle. The bottle needs a little air room.
4. Cap your bottle and shake or use a long skewer to stir your bottle.
5. Wait 3 days for the fizz to be ready or check the bottle by giving it a little squeeze if it is not hard then you are not finished: wait a few more days.
6. When you are finished you can place your drink into the frig and get it nice and cold before drinking it.

I am just perfecting this recipe so if you have done this and you know something else that is also good for this let me know in the comments please!

Enjoy this great for you healthy drink!

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Joyful said...

I love ginger ale. One day I shall have to try making it. Have a great weekend. xx

Jenifer Harrod said...

That's great, I hope you do!

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