Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Grateful Life!

I want to be grateful everyday for those who are around me and for the gifts that I receive from the Lord! Today I want to thank the Lord for my husband. He has gotten up early every morning no matter how he feels and gone to work in order to support our family.  He has pushed us, lead us and been a Godly example to us every week. Specifically this morning, I am thinking about how happy I am that he thought to bring something home for me. This told me he was thinking specifically about me and all that I do. Its good to know that the man beside you is also the one in your corner!

He likes to have fun too!


Joyful said...

That is nice that you support and love one another. It is good to be appreciated!

Unknown said...

I was thinking the same thing today - truly blessed by a wonderful spouse. A strong marriage is an amazing gift and certainly something to give thanks for!

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