Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Of My Favorite Baby Songs For Playing With Baby

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The next time you hold your baby and feel like making your baby smile or laugh a little then this is the song for you. My Mom used to sing it to all of us kids and I sang it to all of my kids. I found out our version is just a little different than the first versions of the song were back in the early 1900's or even earlier in England. The web site called at Mama Lisa had an article on it if you are interested in the original version. If you have other songs like this or a different version I would love to hear from you. I think they are precious pieces of history.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How To Lay A Sleeping Baby Down Without Waking Him Up!

With my first child it was pretty quiet there were not 6 other children to make noise on a regular basis so nap time was quiet time. That was all well and good until your baby was sleeping in your arms and you had to answer the call of nature or something randomly decided to fall or the phone rang or any number of things happened. It was really bad when it was everyone's sleep time and something made a noise. The floor creaked when you decided to get a snack, the neighbors next door decided to have a loud party, or you just decided to put the child down because he was finished nursing and made too much noise or maybe jostled him a bit too much. What can be done, how can this stress be eliminated or at least lessened?

My sweet sleeping Nora

  • Allow noise in your home. Good Christian music, lullabies,  the television, the Bible on audio or even DVD, recordings of children singing. Don't make people tip toe around. talk at a normal tone of voice even while the child is nodding off to sleep. All of these behaviors are learned. Its ok to wind down with your baby. To give them a warm bath or read to them but don't get super quiet in your tone. Reading slower and slower helps but don't adjust your tone. You are training your child to have silence; and this is just impractical in most homes. 
  • The second thing you need to do is to talk to your child when they fall asleep in your arms and you need to move them to another place. Just talk softly to your child without saying their name (people normally respond to their name) and tell them that you are getting up and walking to the bedroom so that you can lay them down (or wherever you want to lay them) continue to tell them that until the move is completely made and then say a prayer for them to stay asleep and be happy and healthy because this isn't fool proof. Keep at it until this is learned. 
  • Try a sleep aid. Lavender is a great essential oil and there are even lavender bath soaps and lotions with lavender in them. Dropping some of the oil onto their bed or making a sachet out of lavender flowers is also good. When my children were young I would make them a baby powder out of corn starch and enough drops of lavender essential oil to make a great smell. It was wonderful. I wish I had some now. Try it and you will see. 
  • The Prairie Homestead has a post about other oils that will help bring sleep as well. A post at ElemenoPkids is a great idea for toddlers wind down time as well. You might try this when you have to get the baby to sleep or babies and you have an older child that needs to go to sleep as well. Here is another great read for using oils to relax and put you to sleep.

My sweet sleeping Loty.

Let me know if any of this makes since to you and if it helps. Thanks!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How I Treat Severe Hand Eczema

My son likes to play outside and be a boy; getting dirty and messy and digging in the dirt. This is not the greatest thing for his hand eczema and he often finds himself with a pretty bad case of it. We then take drastic measures to heal it up. Here is the latest thing that I have tried for it and it really helps a bunch!


Gulf wax or paraffin wax(see end links for more info)
coconut oil


wax warmer or
crock pot or
rice steamer

note: test it first before using


1. Warm up your oil till it is clear.

2. Then unplug it and wait for it to get cool enough I like to wait until I see it getting a little white again.

3.  Wash your hands and dry them. If you have open sores either cover them with a tight bandage or wait until that is healed before dipping.

4. Then dip the hands in wait until they stop dripping and then dip again and one more time. (It always reminds me of those wax statues.)

5. Allow the wax to remain on the skin for 15 minutes up to about 45 minutes.

6. When you are finished with the wax treatment then just start from the wrist and pull it down into your warmer for use another time. You can use it more times until you feel like there isn't enough for a proper treatment or that there are too many impurities in the wax.

There are proper warmers out there for doing this and some salons or health shops offer this service if you are too nervous about doing this.

Below are some links to where you can find some wax warmers and large quantities of wax made just for this purpose, online. (these are affiliate links)

What happens: The Paraffin soaks into the skin and provides moisture and healing and also a barrier for the skin for up to 2 weeks after the treatment. Sometimes this is enough to get on top of the treatment plan again with other easier methods and internal methods.

Revlon Moisturestay Quick Heat Paraffin Bath, RVSP3501

Dr. Scholl's Quick Heat Paraffin Spa Bath

Wax melts:
NURTURE Infused Therapeutic Paraffin Unscented 6lbs

Oyd Paraffin Bath Refills

Note: You can also use plastic covers on your hands and feet for treatment of arthritis. 

Zeb has had to do this about 3 times now to go from sand paper to soft hands

Zoi just wanted to join the fun

Zena (pronounced like the flower) wanted to have manikin hands

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mom The Super Hero!

Note: I recieved a free shirt for this review. Although it was free I had already decided that I really liked thier products before I spoke with them. You decide.

The other day I came across this great web site that has homeschooling t-shirts for children and adults. Their prices are super reasonable or I would not have even taken a second look. (You know how I am, sometimes even resale prices are even too high for my budget!) I ordered a t-shirt and am now reviewing it for them.

I decided on a fitted women's t-shirt which goes for around $12. I looked at the sizes and decided that the Large was what I wanted to go with because I don't like my t-shirts to be too snug. When it arrived I was so happy with; it because I just loved the color it is a beautiful teal color. the texture of the t-shirt is great too. It is very soft and comfortable on the skin.

Sometimes I feel like there are so many nay sayers out there and wearing a t-shirt would make our life a little more credible. It would announce to the world that we are proud of what we do and would like to share our joy with others. If you want to see what all they have you can stop by The Original Homeschool T-Shirt Company and pick out great t-shirts for the whole family! They also have totes, bumper stickers, mouse pads, mugs and hats! Take a look and start "homeschool stylin"!

my hair was pulled back
Leave me a comment below telling me what you think of my new shirt and which one you would pick!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How To Tell If A Chicken Is A Rooster Or A Hen; A Pullet Or A Cockrel

When you first get a hatchling or are picking out a chick from a group of chicks, many times you would like to know whether this chick is a male or female. It is important to have a lot of hens verses roosters because too many roosters don't get along with each other after a while. Take my word for it; we have lived and learned this the hard way!

an old rooster we used to have

Different ways to determine the sex of your chick:

  1. Buy from someone who only sells female chicks or pullets. If you do this they do the hard work for you and you don't have to worry about it.
  2. Wait until the chick is about 6 months old and they will either be crowing or they will not. but that will take some patience and sometimes you just don't have it.
  3. Another way that I have heard about is to check the wing feathers if one row is shorter than the other then it is female and if they are the same size then it is male. that only works with some breads so that doesn't always work.
  4. A way that I like is to check the thickness of the chicken's legs. The male legs are generally thicker than the females. As they get older generally the male will start to get spurs on the back of his legs but this is generally. Occasionally though there will be a hen with spurs or a hen that crows. So this isn't always the case. 
  5. You can learn to vent sex a chicken but it takes years to be a pro at that. If you do learn that maybe you could make the big bucks. lol
  6. If you have an older chicken getting some nice wattles then you can compare wattles and if the chicken has smaller wattles than another one that you know to be a rooster then you may possible have a hen. 
  7. Longer tail feathers are a sign that you have a rooster. But that takes time too. Usually they will start to get really colorful as well, because with birds the more colorful they are then they are a male.
Whichever way you decide to use always have a back up plan just in case you need to get rid of a rooster.  We were introduced to a farm who will take roosters in and I was really happy about that. We get pretty attached to our birds and don't like to see them killed.  (mostly my son) Maybe you aren't like us though and you could use fresh chicken meat. whatever you decide is great just don't ever decide to fight a rooster it is illegal and just plain cruel! (ok, maybe that was random fyi)

Let me know if you have found another way that works good for you I would love to hear about it!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Prayer Activities For Children

I wanted to just sit down with you this morning and share some thoughts that I have been having lately. I hope these thoughts are a blessing to you.

Lately I have been talking to my children about PRAYER! There is so much we need to know about prayer. Most people including children want to know about how to get their prayers answered. they want to know how to have power in prayer. How to see the miraculous in the everyday life. But many never scratch the surface of how to really know God! How to get a hold of God and get his favor in your life. I'm not saying that you are wanting his material blessings so much although that will follow but how to actually form a correct prayer.

The Lord has been teaching me these things personally so I thought that it would behoove me to teach these same things to my children because I see some lacking in their lives. The first thing that we did on our prayer journey was to make a sort of chart. On this chart we wrote our needs on one side and we wrote our wants on the other. We called this the George Mueller wall. From this thought we learned about George Mueller. The children were really inspired when we started seeing God answer our prayers needs and wants.

During this time of learning I began pointing our to the kids that God really desires for us to communicate with him!  He wants a relationship with YOU! He made you so that he could have great conversations and teach us as we go through life. He wants to give us solutions for our problems.  He wants to lead us to the place where he wants us to serve. He wants to grow us everyday.

So many times he wants us to talk to him and we don't. So he tries to create these moments in our lives where all we can do is to rely on him. At least from his point of view. Sometimes we are so dense that we just panic and think that there is just no hope and begin to get depressed.

After this God began to work on me about how or the methodology behind how we address God in our prayers. Isn't it great how God gives you a taste of what he can do for you first and then he tries to reach you on a more deeper level. He knows how to hook you. He IS the all-knowing one!!!

If you read the model prayer God gives us a method by which we should pray. The first part of the prayer shows us how God would like to be addressed. He wants you to acknowledge who he is! 
So we did a little exercise of prayer where all we did was pray and tell God what we were thankful for and telling God who he was. We told him he was the great physician, the provider, and the giver of good gifts.

I also spent days explaining how that we should treat God with more respect than we have. We should not only come to him and beg like a puppy but we should try to carry on a conversation about him and about us too. Tell him our hopes and dream and fears as well.

Today I want to go a little farther with that thought and make a poster with the attributes of God. Then I want to have the children to pick out from this list what they want to talk to God about. Then I want to speak to them about how that God wants us to do this because many times we as humans need this in our life so that we will recognize these good things about God because we have a tendency to set ourselves up as deity. We tend to set ourselves up as all sufficient! If we don't, those around us in the worldly circles, tend to try to convince us through media, books movies and friendships that we are in control and this is our world! If we are not connecting with God every day we will take the reigns and place ourselves in Gods special place! That is why every day we need to lift God up to his elevated place and know who he is!

Constantly we have to focus on what God is doing! The Devil wants to gain an inroad into our lives and destroy how God has been blessing. I believe it is so much like how God was working with the children of Israel. Many times they lost sight of how God did truly love them and how he was taking care of them just because they were seeing some dark days and dark times. But God often wants to lighten those hard times if we would just reach out to him and spend some quality time with him in prayer.

Have you been thinking about prayer lately?

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday

Our unexpected trip to the E.R. was because our sweet Zebedee decided to make some green pudding and the glass pudding bowl accidentally fell on his big toe. So far he is fine we will know more by the end of the week.

Zach came along and was having a grand time describing the finer points of something or other.

This is what we do when we have been to the E.R. more than a couple of times lately.
It really works, every time!

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