Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bucket Poultry Dry Feeder

What you need:

Oil pan or disposable veggie tray
templet (triangle)
5 gallon bucket or some sort of large bucket with lid
cover (top of veggie tray or other large lid or wash bowl like the oil pan)
drill for screwing
dremel tool for cutting triangles
safety glasses
ear plugs if needed
duct tape

How to put it together:

1. Mark off your triangles with triangle template and marker.

2. Cut around the triangle with the bucket on its side. Draw each one with about an inch between each.

3. Have someone hold the bucket at the top to keep it from slipping and then turn bucket over and cut off the bottom portion of the triangle.

4. Turn bucket over and place the veggie tray over the bucket and screw in a couple of screws.

5. Place a round piece of duct tape on the lid to the feeder and then place your shade on after you have filled your feeder in the chicken yard. Then you can take the shade on and off when you are refilling the bucket. The shade will help keep the feeder from getting wet when it rains.

We were originally going to make rounded holes but found it was simpler to make triangle ones.

Cutting the bottom.

Carving out the triangles.

We decided to get a thicker veggie tray from the dollar store and also a weather protector for the top of the feeder. The chickens were getting their food everywhere at first so I updated the prototype with a higher wheel base to discourage waste.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby Wipe Warmer Incubator

Don't you just love the thought of being able to watch an egg hatch. We sit and watched many you tube videos of animals hatching because it is so much fun.  I wanted to try my hand at incubating again but not with a warming lamp because it requires to much energy and is not cost effective. My husband and I brain stormed about what we could use and finally came up with our old baby wipe warmer. I have used it in the past to make herbal tinctures and I just knew it would work if it was still functional. I found it and plugged it in and sure enough it worked. I found this article that told me how it was supposed to be done and set mine up.

What you do:

1. Plug in your warmer and bring it up to temperature.

2. fold a dish towel or thick wash cloth and place it in the bottom to bring the egg to the right temperature.
Turning Chart

3. Then add a little container of water so keep the humidity right since it is winter.

4. Mark your egg. I put an x on one side and a circle on the other so that I know when I have turned my egg.

5. Turn your egg at each meal Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.

6. Place the egg or eggs (you could probably fit up to 4 in there) on top of the cloth. (I ended up putting my egg between the dish towel) The egg needs to be at about 99 degrees for the chicken eggs.

7. If you have the newer version of the baby wipe warmer you need to leave your door to your wipe warmer ajar or put something between the door to keep it open just a little to allow some air in and out. I left mine open because it is the old style and doesn't have an air tight lid anyway. With a little meat thermometer I can tell that it is just the right temp now.

Let me know if you try this, I would love to see how yours turns out.

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