Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 Rewarding Online Experiences

Help yourself and me too by clicking on some great links and earning some wonderful savings and even some free product!

Photo by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

1.   Today I was so excited to find out my order at Pureformulas.com was free. I had to share it with my readers as soon as I could. Then again, who in their right mind wouldn't when it could save them some more money?

2.   But I not only save money on vitamins and such but I save on my purchases from Ebay by purchasing them through Ebates.com Each purchase that I funnel through them earns me some cash back that I get credited to my paypal account. How easy is that?

 That isn't the only store that you can save at; they have a long list of other stores to choose from and book trips from travelocity. That could add up if you have some gifts to buy, a trip to schedule or some clothes shopping you would like to do online etc.

3.   The last place that I save from is Swagbucks.com I just answer a daily question, search for a few things, watch a few informative videos or play some games to help my memory and I occasionally earn an amazon gift card you can too!

Let me know if you get signed up and have some super saving stories. Also if you would like to share some other sites you save from go ahead in the comments. Thanks!

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