Thursday, September 4, 2014

How To Get Rid Of Mold In Fodder

   Mold on your fodder does not smell good nor is it the healthiest thing for you or your flock. If you have noticed some nasty smells and white fuzz around your fodder drain holes then there is still hope for your crop with a little work.

rinsed and tossed fodder or wheat/sunflower seed sprout mix- soaking tray in in the back of the picture.

Simple Steps To Combat Mold:

1.  Empty your tray of wheat into a colander and rinse thoroughly turning handfuls at a time to make sure the mold comes off. Checking to smell it every now and then. This will rinse the mold right down the drain.

2. Next, now that you have emptied your fodder tray, give it a good wash with soap and water and a scrubber. Rinsing well.

3.  Put your rinsed fodder back into your cleaned tray.

4.  Repeat this process on all of your trays and if your system resembles mine you need to clean your tub your soaking tray and your bamboo skewers with soap or even bleach and water scrubbing them clean.

5.  To prevent this mold problem clean your trays good each time you empty one and flush your fodder good with water at least twice a day.

Let me know if this is a help to anyone out there. It really makes my day a little brighter when I can help someone.

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