Friday, August 1, 2014

Can Room Temperature Eggs Hatch?

This is how it works for all you out there who never knew like myself.

The hen collects the fertile ( you must have a rooster for this or buy some eggs) eggs or the farmer. When the hen gets as many as it wants then she begins to sit on those eggs full time adjusting the temperature so that they stay nice and warm. This does not mean that if the hen gets off of the eggs for a long period of time after she has begun sitting they can still be hatched.  No, after multiple hours with no hen during this time the hen can not resume sitting if the eggs are cold.But, if an egg has never been sat upon for gestation then that said egg can be stored up to 7 days for as low as 60 degrees F. but after this the hatching rate decreases by half.

Also, they should be stored with the pointy side down so that you preserve the air sack. After I learned this I knew that I could try to let our black banty hen hatch one more egg. All of the other eggs were not viable for one reason or another. Since the other hen, "Rebels" has a chick now, "Crow" really wants her chick too.

Rebels and Pokey

Crow insisting to be let in.

Crow taking a nice dust bath.

Here she goes again!

What do you think? Did I do the right thing by putting Crow back into the little grow out coop for         another try?

To see more of our new chick check out our face book page.

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