Friday, June 6, 2014

Integrating Hen and Chicks

I've been wanting to get the Black Hen and her chicks; Larry, Curly and Bow (rainbow that is) out and decided that maybe since they have grown some that they could handle it. Its been a few weeks since they were born and I was't positive how they would do but felt led to try them out.

I opened up the little coop door and proped it back and Mama hen gladly came out to have a walk and check out the feeding ground.

I watched the chicks and they were a bit scared to join the great big world of fending for themselves.

Larry was the brave one.
Black Hen had a bit of a fight with White Hen and I had to put a little no pecking salve on her. After that though everything was back to normal so I went back in the house and came back later and all the chicks were out.

One of the chicks got stepped
on but there were no injuries.
My chicks are still very small but they are mixed with a banty (or bantum and some say) breed. (frizzles)

Its been fun to see them out and about and they also got their feathers dusted with D.E. just like everyone else to kill their mites.

Last night I noticed that Mom takes them back to the little coop to sleep at night. I thought it wss so sweet. God is awesome and shows that to us through the instincs of our animals.

Mom and chicks snug as a bug.
Update: The chicks weren't as safe as I thought. One has survived and is doing really good. One got accidentally stepped on by a visitor and another got killed by a predator when he stuck his head through the chicken wire.

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