Friday, May 2, 2014

Our Babysitter Delivered!

Iron Chick decided to abandon her clutch about half way through the incubation period. After that, Black Beauty quickly decided to make those eggs hers. Some of them may have been hers as well. WE may never know.

The egg that we originally took back in with the crack in it didn't survive. After that I took two more eggs in just in case they had abandoned the eggs. One of those rotted because it got too warm. Today I decided to take the other one that was in the house back out to the coop for safe keeping.

This morning I went out with my phone flash light to candle the eggs and see if any of them were still good. Today marked 28 days after the first egg was put under her. (It only takes 21 days for an egg to incubate.) When I got there one of the other chickens scared her off her nest and I saw our first home grown chick!

We are so excited to see what will happen next in this saga.

Mama, Back Beauty and baby Rainbow.

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